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Strixtle Littlehat
  • Strixtle Littlehat


    A small blond leprechaun who tends to wear dark green, and black on his clothing. He has vast power in dark magicks, gate opening to find new powers, finding various things, and bringing new things to his keeper and keep.

    Personality: He's friendly, but a bit of an odd fellow. He's the kind of person who while kind and compassionate often seems like he isn't showing emotions, and eats strange combinations of foods such as fish on peanut butter sandwiches and things of that nature. That said, he is loyal, and focused, wanting the best for his keeper and keep. He has a dark sense of justice, and is a bit more harsh in his dealing of punishment than others would be, making him good for one seeking a darker justice working.

    Planar Abilities: With vast dark magicks, he can utilize the power of darkness as a raw force, but also has great power to open gates to other realms of power. He can open a gate in as small an area as a crystal, channeling powerful elemental forces into spells, or as large as a room sized gate, bringing allies from other planes. With his ability to find and bring new energies and magicks, he has an array too vast to count of charms, wands, and various tools he keeps in bags which themselves hold small pocket dimensions to store his various tools. He is a kind of ultimate generalist, and is always finding new magicks. His power also allows him to bring new energies to his keeper to work with in their own spiritual advancement, or to members of the keep.

    Mundane Abilities: His vast generalized set of skills make him viable for aiding in any mundane task, but he excels in areas where darkness is suited, such as calming foes, or hiding intent. With his abilities to find new energies, giving him a week or two to search means he can shift his focus into a kind of specialist role at a moments notice.

    Age: ~1,000 Years

    Offerings: Any offerings are fine, but strange combinations work best such as the rust from a nail on a candle, or the ashes of incense left in pure water.

    Level: 30

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