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Svartalfar (Norse Dwarves)
  • Svartalfar (Norse Dwarves)


    Svartalfar are types of dark elves of Norse mythology, also known as Norse Dwarves. They are associated with the power and wisdom of the underground realm. Svartalfar embody the power of the shadow and the gift of inner transformation. They are often called upon for their ability to reveal the hidden mysteries of the soul and help individuals confront their inner demons and awaken their inner power.


    Working with a Svartalfar helps to confront one's shadow self and embrace the mysteries of the underground realm. They can provide a powerful source of guidance and support for those seeking to transform their lives and develop their inner source of strength and resilience. Their gift of shadow work and inner transformation can help individuals tap into their inner power and connect with the energy of the universe. They are the darker side of the Alfheimr realm, and an excellent choice for one wishing to explore their darkness or be aided by powers of the dark.

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