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  • Sylvester

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    A powerful shape shifter who first appeared as a giant BRIGHT orange cat. His age is unknown, but he can take any form of his choosing. He does not have a singular, permanent form, and often shifts forms at will, ranging from birds, cats, dogs, trees, house plans, or even whole houses. He always makes something just off about the shift though, as a kind of humor. He has an excellent sense of humor, adventure, and excitement! He has no real name in his natural realm of shape shifters, but takes the name Sylvester for both his love of the actor Stallone, and the Cartoon cat by the same name. He enjoys all offerings, but just prefers to have different ones each time they are given, so incense one day, candle the next, maybe a piece of candy after that, or even a leaf. So long as it is meant with love, his adventurous personality will enjoy it. He's fun, charismatic, and a bit of a clown. Highly recommended as he has an amazing sense of humor.

    Level: 16

    Two forms Sylvester has been known to take are shown above!

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