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Synthia Longwell
  • Synthia Longwell

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    A beautiful, seductive, Lunar Vampire who has a deep dark blueish blackish hair. Her friendly personality. She has a strong will, capable magicks, and a sensual charm to her.

    She has a very smooth, very sleek presentation to herself and how she approaches others. She's subtle, sultry personality. She does not require sensuality from her keeper, but herself exudes the charm of a sensual being.

    She has a wide array of energies associated with the moon, but the most unique power she has is the ability to feed on moonlight more directly, and in that feeding she refines the moonlight energies passing on part of that refined energy to her keeper regularly. Otherwise she is a powerful mystic in her own right, and has studied countless magickal and mystical traditions giving her powerful spells in the planes.

    In our realm, not only does her energy boost aid her keeper, but it grants her power to enhance manifestations from any spell work, charms, or talismans the keeper makes use of. Further, she is excellent at draining negative energies and converting them into positives, letting her manifest changes on situations through her power. She will draw on the life force of a foe when asked to bring justice for her keeper.

    Classification: Warrior 2, Guardian 5, Guide 2, Healer 6, Mystic 10, Generalist 6

    Age: ~300 Years

    Offerings: She has no preference for offerings, but does enjoy the smell of roses.

    Level: 22

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