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Terak Chordwall
  • Terak Chordwall


    A powerful Black Dragon, he has a focus on justice, protection, defense, retribution and creating stability. His vast knowledge and skills come from his age, and he has an expertise in many areas and fields ranging from sciences to healing, destruction to reacreation, but his core focus will always be on darker magicks.

    Personality: Very focused, intense, and honed. He isn't one for chit chat unless a question is asked of him, and is instead focused on a concept of “rightness through strength” or “through strength I bring rightness, through rightness I cultivate strength.” His intense focus on dark magick is oriented around his ideal that justice inherently is a dark action, a thing society should want to avoid but yet is necessary, so he sees intensity in punishment as a must, but at the same time believes the one he serves should have a greater degree of protection due to his intense loyalty.

    Abilities: His abilities center around three core areas. Dark magicks, which include elemental dark manipulation. Sound magick, which has to do also with resonances for shattering anything from foes to barriers in the mundane. Lastly is restraint magick, which manifests as chains made of a dragon metal form unique to him. These chains can restrain a foe, bind them to a fate, or be used for binding his keeper toward a destination or locking away negative outcomes.

    Age: ~8,000

    Offerings: Any and all offerings are acceptable to him.

    Level: 29


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