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The Complete Training and Attunement Set

The Complete Training and Attunement Set


For those times that you want everything for your spiritual companion in terms of power, attunements, and combat capabilities The Complete Training and Attunement Set provides that. Basically a package deal, this allows us to offer the full work at a discount as we won't need you to send them over multiple times, nor for us to have to track multiple orders. It includes the following.

Divine Ki
Soul Sword Training
The Helm of Awe Attunement
The Mjolnir Attunement
The Vegvisir Attunement
The Runic Upgrade
Reiki 1 - 3 Attunement
Holy Fire Gtummo Attunement
The Hidden Powers Upgrade
The Elemental Upgrade
1 x Major Arcana Attunement

1 x Knight Arcana Attunement

1 x Ruler Arcana Attunement

All at a price lower than the normal listed total for each if purchased individually. This is our best care package for a being and provides maximum results. It does take awhile to complete so once you send your being over it could be a bit before done, but it is well worth the wait for the impressive results.

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