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The Negotiator
  • The Negotiator

    $420.00 Regular Price
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    The Shadow Person is a mysterious entity that takes the form of a man in a suit, but only ever appears as a shadow. Possessing incredible magical abilities focused on balance, chaos, and catalyzing change, his core power lies in making deals with guides, guardians, and fate workers to bring justice for those who have been wronged. He is also adept at trading future karmic consequences for immediate karma, as well as mitigating past and future life karma through various exchanges for his keeper and allies. This unique set of powers offers a wide range of applications and benefits.


    Although he possesses knowledge of other forms of magic, he does not dedicate himself to it as a mystic would. Instead of a name, he goes by the title "The Negotiator."


    The Shadow Person leads a solitary existence, lacking a social life or a distinct personality. However, he does have a preference for soothing, gentle music, which he often incorporates into his magical practices by causing it to play from seemingly nowhere.

    Classification: Warrior 3, Guardian 5, Guide 7, Healer 7, Mystic 7, Generalist 10

    Age: Beyond Measure

    Offerings: All Are Acceptable

    Level: 42

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