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Threntin Forestkeeper
  • Threntin Forestkeeper

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    A powerful Elf Warrior man, he has the power to call nature, moon, sun, and other planetary enerigies to charge him, He wears no armor, and instead funnels these powers into his body as a powerful martial force using Elven Martial Arts, and manifesting powerful energies. An amazing guardians.

    Intense and focused, he isn't one for joking around, but is instead focused on his training, betterment of himself, and aiding his keeper. He is happy to either be a guardian and guide, or to help his keeper with their own personal training, as his focus is intensely on growth and benefit.

    His Elven Martial Arts allow him a wide range of abilities. He can fight with most weapons, channel energy into any strike, draw energy away from an impact on himself or othes, heal, transfer life forces to others, drain life forces, find resonance points in barriers to shatter them, and create barriers through resonance points and much more. There is little he can not accomplish given an opportunity to do so, and if there is no opportunity he seeks to find ways to open one up. His martial mind frame means he doesn't believe in quitting or giving up, only in “finding a new way to win” when the odds are against him. This conveys into manifestations, defense, and protection, or bringing justice on behalf of his keeper.

    Classification: Warrior 10, Guardian 5, Guide 7, Healer 6, Mystic 3, Generalist 5

    Age: ~8,000 Years

    Offerings: Has no preference for offerings, but enjoys calm soothing music and poetry.

    Level: 36

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