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Thrin Thunderfoot
  • Thrin Thunderfoot

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    A dwarf magus who specializes in flame, lightning, and weather magicks. He often wears a dark purple cloak over top a crystal looking armor with golden highlights, has a long brown beard, and wields incredible power.

    Personality: Friendly, bold, and brash are good descriptors for his personality. He has a love of food, drink, and good company. He's a great story teller, wise, and enjoyable to be around.

    Abilities: With vast power over fire and lightning as elemental energies, he's a powerful offensive and defensive mystical worker. He has some power over weather magicks in our realm, and much vaster abilties in the planes. Weaving these various powers together he is a powerful offensive and defensive force, and is able to take a front line roll when others can not. He's also a very skilled and capable healer. For all his war like nature though, he is one who seeks peace, and often can be found working the forges creating weapons and armor of elemental flame and lightning condensed into a unique form. He is a forgemaster in his own right, and his constructs he creates from weapons to armor, can benefit his allies. This extends to his forging talismans out of the unique flame and lightning empowered metal that looks like crystal. He has vast knowledge of all dwarven magicks, making him an expert at earth magicks alongside his more natural abilities. This also means he can act in the role of a support or aid, and has many ways to focus on manifestation for his keeper.

    Age: ~8,000 Years

    Offerings: He accepts all offerings.

    Level: 42

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