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Thrunddra Mountainsight
  • Thrunddra Mountainsight

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    A powerful Norse Dwarven Sorcerer wearing blue robes, he commands the forces of ice, darkness, and a kind of “dark lightning” energy alongside various more mundane forces to aid his keeper.

    Sturdy, strong, very focused, but he has a softer side to him as well. He is one who enjoys nature and life, but yet commands the powers that are considered the antithesis of such things in a very real sense. His skills in the arts mystical are vast and powerful.

    A powerful Norse Dwarf Sorcerer, he wields Ice, Darkness, and Dark Lightning with equal ease. With darkness he can create animated shadows, blasts of dark energy, shields, constructs, drain foes of power, and much more. With Ice he is expert in barrier creation, as well as using ice as a focusing lens for other powers, so that he can be more precise in both planar and mundane applications. Dark Lightning is unique in that it moves more erratically than traditional lightning and jumps from shadow to shadow before it strikes a target. It is also considerably more intense than traditional lightning, draining the power of what it hits. Beyond this, he is a scholar and student of all magicks, with a deep mastery of the runes, and with considerable power over the forces of chaos, and turmoil, making him a powerful road opener, valuable advisor, keen justice bringer, and vaunted guardian.

    Classification: Warrior 3, Guardian 6, Guide 7, Healer 6, Mystic 9, Generalist 6

    Age:~8,000 Years Old

    Offerings: He accepts all offerings, but prefers incense or perfumes.

    Level: 28

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