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Thrushia Revinguard
  • Thrushia Revinguard

    $380.00 Regular Price
    $228.00Sale Price

    A powerful Dwarven Woman who is a master of magicks and combat, she has long golden hair in braids, a ready smile, and powerful abilities.

    Personality: She is friendly, funny, quick witted, and easy going for the most part. These qualities allow her to fit into almost any social situation, quickly making friends, but she has a sharp mind. She is keen to always be learning, growing more each day, and finding new ways to do things.

    Abilities: She has a vast power over Dwarven magicks, especially water, earth, and metal magicks of all kinds. She's a bit of an inventor in her own right, developing new spells daily, testing them, and making a note of which ones are better. This is a classic hobby of hers, and one that has continued thousands of years. She has not run out of new things to test or do though, for while she is masterful to an extreme with the elements noted, she has access to all other elemental forces, and even conceptual forces like truth, justice, harmony, balance, compassion, love, fear, peace, anger, joy, and things like that. She is someone who will make a shield mixed with ice, love, and justice and through that make something stronger than the components, or use them to make an arrow that when it strikes a target can relieve suffering, or cause stillness of thought. Her inquisitive and inventive nature makes her always ready to test new tricks and abilities. For manifestation she finds new ways to achieve goals, and for battle and protection she is a kind of magickal juggernaut able to cast spells of many kinds and forms one after another and even improvise a quick change to a spell she already knows, making it smaller, larger, more precise, or even shifting its very nature mid cast. This makes it incredibly hard to just out pace her in terms of strategy or tactics.

    Age: ~9,000 Years

    Offerings: She preferences incense and candle offerings above others.

    Level: 38

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