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  • Tillnah


    An Aesir she was one of Freyja's guards and appears as a woman with dark red hair, cream skin, beads in her hair, and wearings a classic dress of the period of the Vikings. She is an expert in fire, earth, and air magicks and can utilize them to great impact as a kind of Sorceress Battle Mage. She utilizes smoke and vapor to occlude herself and others; waiting to pick the right time to attack, or to force a foe to miss her and her allies.

    Personality: Friendly, boastful, powerful, and strong all are descriptors that fit her well. She has a joyous and endearing personality, a focus on intensity, and a great love of the world. For her foes though, as is the nature of her people, she has no mercy and gives them no peace.

    Abilities: With a mastery of Earth, Air, and Fire Magicks she can in one moment forge a weapon out of metal stronger than steel, carry it with the winds to strike a foe, or blast them with flames. She can form shields of all three elements, combine them in unique ways, and then use the same energies to encapsulate a foe, binding, and destroying them one step at a time. Having a mastery of illusion she can manifest powerful forces of illusion around herself, using smoke and vapor to conceal her movements, create false images, or otherwise trick foes. In the mundane, her mastery of elements allows her power over change with fire, prosperity and physical changes with earth, and changes of the mind and thought with air. More over though her considerable ability in illusion allows her to shift situations by influencing those in our realm to aid their keeper more willingly.

    Age: ~1,800 Years

    Offerings: All are welcome but she prefers incense or candle flame primarily.

    Level: 22

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