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  • Toragdilin

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    A powerful male bone dragon who can take any human form of his choice, but rarely does so, he has vast powers over both shape shifting and necromancy, calling upon the dead, and the ancestors to aid him.

    Personality: Very self assured, maybe even arrogant, but willing to serve his keeper and aid them in their tasks. He has a strong sense of humor, though a dark one, and a craving for power and growth for himself and his keeper.

    Abilities:With vast power over the energies of death, and dark energies, he can both wield the power of darkness and death as a raw energy for shields, blasts, and spells of all kinds, but also contact the dead. In contacting the dead, he can recruit those willing to serve him, giving them a small amount of his power to appease them, and strengthen them. This includes working with both the ancestors of his keeper to gain their aid, their keepers foes to bring an ancestral judgment upon them, and his own ancestors who have vast knowledge. He can channel his ancestors which include Flame, Ice, Dark, Smoke, and Eearth dragons. When channeling his ancestors, his power is around 2 levels lower, but he is able to take on other roles and use other abilities int his state, and even appears as a different kind of dragon then. While he can take a human form, for him its malleable and no true human form suits him.

    Age: ~20,000 Years

    Offerings: He has no preference for offerings.

    Level: 34

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