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  • Toraginoth

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    A powerful metal dragon, he appears as a western dragon, and towers over most others at several dozen feet tall. He has incredible power over elemental metal magicks, can create barriers, blasts of fragmentation energy (think shrapnel as an energy form), and fire off “wing blade” feathers which he can control at will. He is focused on protection, fighting, offense and defense, but has some abilities around wealth and gain thanks to his connection to all metal energies including gold and silver. Thanks to this he can also use cleansing spells, healing magicks, and the like by using the metals associated. Against beings of death or darkness, he can attune his metal feathers to cold iron, silver, and other metals, where for helping one find things like wealth or purification he'd attune to silver and gold to emit energy of that type. He knows some dragon magicks and has skills in various elemental magicks on a lesser degree.


    While he studies magicks, philosophy, and is a deep thinker he isn't overly focused in these areas. He reads things like this more for enjoyment, and instead finds he is most happy when he has things to do. He's a warrior at heart, and a defender by nature, but in his off time he does enjoy things like comedy, and of all things stage magic as he loves to try to figure out how a trick was done. He specifically won't use his own true magick to see through a stage magician performance, as he enjoys the mystery and trying to deduce the method. He is compassionate to his allies, and complete relentless fury against his foes.


    Classification: Warrior 10, Guardian 10, Guide 2, Healer 4, Mystic 5, Generalist 5

    Age: ~1,500 Years

    Offerings: All are acceptable, though he prefers candles.

    Level: 36

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