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Transcendent Class Servitors (TCS) – Living Servitors

Transcendent Class Servitors (TCS) – Living Servitors


Transcendent Class Servitors (TCS) – Living Servitors
Our Trascendent Class Servitors are capable of independent thought, free will, subconscious action and reaction. These servitors are fully customizable allowing you to choose their personality, form, and traits. They are able to learn the soul sword from our shop, and while they have free will they can be made for protection. The one thing we do code into that free will is an unfailing loyalty to you. All TCS come with a basic morality, but that can be molded as well upon request, this means they won't start conflicts or hostilities without a good reason, and will try to work alongside others in your keep.

Transcendent Class Servitors can deal with complex tasks, act independently, travel to various planes, and solve more complex problems than a simpler servitor design. They are effectively artificial spiritual life, with all the ups and downs that come with life. Transcendent Class Servitors have been designed to be able to accept the Soul Sword Attunement and make great companions and allies, with a depth of intellect rivaling other entities, and are ranked on our power scale in the same way we rank spirits. This class of servitor is capable of growth, adaptation, and advancement through life.

We highly recommend for our TCS that you consider using a template, or ideas from works of fiction or art to help with the design of the TCS.

We do not make TCS to be purely for the purpose of sex, as they have the advantages of free will and life that allow them to be dynamic as a living being.

For servitors without true free will look into our Conventional Class Servitors

With all our Servitor Creation Services we create the servitors we can either use your design as a final working form so there will be no write up, we will simply send them to you once completed, or you can allow us creative freedom in the implementation of the servitor and we'll include a write up of the things we've added to them in terms of abilities and functions. Servitors should be made with a focus or goal in mind, and ones designed with too many extraneous abilities may be weaker as they become more generalist instead of specialist. Servitors should be limited to 3 unique or special abilities within their design without prior contact with us to discuss the details of a design. Servitors based on a template however, if you can provide information on that template or online resources, will include the abilities of the template up to the capability and power rating of the servitor.

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