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Triathin Vesginoth
  • Triathin Vesginoth

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    A powerful Celestial battle healer, he has no wings, but has a white aura and often wears all white. He appears as a man with dark skin, hansom, muscular, and noble. He has vast healing, defensive, and combat magicks. In battle he creates energy constructs of golden energy, and fights with a fury, while throwing out shields and protective forces constantly for his allies.


    A great student of art, literature, warfare, philosophy, and theology. He is a deep thinker who often asks the tough questions of himself. At any time when there is down time he can be found meditating or debating philosophy and idealism. With all of this though, his kind heart, noble nature, and dedication are his guide in these musings. He has some study into Celestial Rune magick, but is not an expert in it.


    He has great wisdom, and is a competent guide to those in need of one. Because his wisdom is so vast he works well as a guide not just for a keeper, but for other beings, helping them with their problems, providing advice, and generally being an amazing team builder who works well as a leader, a follower, or just an adviser.


    Classification: Warrior 8, Guardian 10, Guide 7, Healer 10, Mystic 4, Generalist 7

    Age:~2,300 Years

    Offerings: Prefers candle offerings.

    Level: 32

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