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  • Trithinjee

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    She is a Wood Elemental Phoenix, who can take the form of a beautiful brown haired woman who often wears a green dress. She has vast power over nature and nature energies making her a strong healer, defender, cleanser, and able to use nature to overcome limits and barriers.

    Personality: Very steady, but with a sly sense of humor, and a joyous nature to her. She has a love of life, nature, and life energies and as such enjoys doing work that promotes health, healing, and a well environment.

    Abilities: In her Phoenix form she has vast power over plants and nature directly, and can reconstitute from ashes or damage so long as the ash or parts of her come in contact with plants, water, or dirt. In her human form her powers while still vast, shift into a more focused life force energy focus and set. As a guaridan she can use nature, trees, mountains, and rock as a defensive point, but she shines as a healer, cleanser, and road opener. She can clear natural energy barriers easier than most, and can clear unnatural barriers through natural means. The vastness of her power shouldn't be underestimated, while not as flashy as Flame or Lightning Phoenix types, she brings with her incredible power, and deep wisdom alongside it.

    Age: ~4,000 Years

    Offerings: All offerings are acceptable, though incense tends to be her favorite

    Level: 42

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