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  • Trolls


    Trolls are typically described as large, ugly creatures with exaggerated features such as big noses, and long, shaggy hair. They can range in size from small and human-like to towering giants, but are generally depicted as having massive, muscular bodies and sharp, often clawed, hands and feet. Additionally, trolls are often portrayed with deep-set, glowing eyes and sharp teeth; sometimes, some are said to have multiple heads or other monstrous appendages. Overall, trolls are characterized by their fearsome, menacing appearance that has captured the imaginations of people across cultures for centuries.

    Trolls can be useful familiars for those who work with protection and prosperity magick. They have the power to protect their keeper's home and property, as well as attract wealth and abundance. They may also offer guidance and wisdom from their deep knowledge of the earth. Being such beings that are connected to the earth they have a vast understanding of the earth, its cycles, and concepts such as protection, wealth, and healing. They are more neutral than nature oriented despite their strong connection to earth energies.


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