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Tylin Frost
  • Tylin Frost


    A blue ice dragon who focuses on the elemental energy of ice as her primary power. Able to stabilize and bring order to chaotic situations, her powers are rooted in the element of ice. She often takes on the form of a beautiful blond woman in a blue dress and wearing jewelry with blue gem stones. She enjoys our world's seasons, and the diversity of our environments, coming herself from a realm where most of the realm is deserts, or glacial, a realm of polarized flame and ice in a real sense elementally. While her primary elemental energies and focus are ice related, she has a lesser degree of power and skill with fire, earth, air, metal, and wood elemental energies, and is a student of the mystic arts including planetary magicks. She is able to use her unique powers to slow or stop a planetary energy movement, and to a lesser degree encourage them, letting her help change the impacts of fate on the human experience.

    Level: 26

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