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Valyyin Staffmaker
  • Valyyin Staffmaker

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    Part Solar and Lunar Elf, he appears as a hansom man often wearing shades of blue, and with long blond hair, a kind subtle smile, and a knowing gaze. He has vast power over the polarization of elements and shifting elemental forces to his will, and is a deep student of magick. Due to his unique powers, he can shift other spells around him, changing their purpose and intent, and even change his own magick mid motion. His great study of magicks include all Elven magicks, Gnome, Dwarf, Jotunn, Aesir, Vanir, Demonic, Angelic, Land Spirit, and Elemental (Planar beings) magicks. He has lesser studies in over a dozen other mystical traditions, and is always learning more and growing more in his magickal knowledge. He comes from a family of mystic craftsmen who create staves of immense power, and is excellent and empowering a talisman with whatever his keeper requests.


    He enjoys study and downtime, but also enjoys music, parties, and things of excitement. He is diverse, and is both an introvert at times, and an extrovert, depending on the energies in the area, and the mood he is in. Because of this he is very adaptable, and incredibly understanding, as he knows what it is like to exist in both states of being. He has a penchant for crafting things in the planes, partially a family trait, partially his own investment, but focuses more on wands than staves to set himself apart from his families ways.


    Classification: Warrior 4, Guardian 8, Guide 6, Healer 6, Mystic 10, Generalist 5

    Age: ~2,400 Years

    Offerings: All offerings are acceptable

    Level: 32

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