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Vashelyn Bloodwood
  • Vashelyn Bloodwood

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    A beautiful Elf Woman from a race of Vampiric Elves, she is an energy vampire who feeds on negative energies converting them to positive forces. She is somewhat sensual, but does not require it from her keeper, and considers it a secondary characteristic. She appears as a woman with black hair and often wearing a dark green dress.

    Personality: Friendly, sensual, passionate, funny, witty, and often daring are all good words to describe her. She seeks to learn and grow, while bettering the life of her keeper as well.

    Abilities: She is able to feed on negative energies, convert them to positives, and condense them for purity and refinement passing them on to others, or strengthening herself. While not a warrior, many damaging forces will fail against her as she can just drain the attack, purify it to something useful, and condense it. That said, she has considerable knowledge of magicks associated with the dark, night, moon energies, planetary energies, and nature energies. Her ability to drain negative energies and then pour them into these other magicks makes her adaptable and formidable be it for planar purposes, or making changes in our realm.

    Age: 30,000+ Years

    Offerings: All offerings are acceptable as she can convert energies as needed.

    Level: 34

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