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Vatnavættir (River/Lake Spirits)
  • Vatnavættir (River/Lake Spirits)


    Vatnavættir are creatures from Norse folklore who are associated with bodies of water such as lakes and rivers. They are said to be protective spirits who live in the water and watch over travelers. They often appear human or humanoid, but may appear as animals that frequent such bodies of water, or as fish. They shift their shape to fit their needs, and always have a hint of the type of body of water they are associated with, such as long flowing hair for a river, or deep green eyes for a pond that is green and lush.


    Vatnavættir can be powerful protectors for those who work with water magick or enjoy swimming and exploring bodies of water. They can guide their keeper through the water's currents and provide protection from danger. They may also offer insight and wisdom from their deep knowledge of the water. Their magick is water based, so is good for working with emotional trauma, healing, protection, and all manner of things associated with water.


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