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Vearyahnna Raftmaker
  • Vearyahnna Raftmaker

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    She is a Dwarven Battle Priestess who calls upon the holy energies of Dwarven Gods long forgotten. She has deep chestnut brown hair, and is often wearing armor and wielding a weapon of some kind.

    Personality: Bold, friendly, boastful. She is a warrior priestess through and through. She loves music, art, history, and understanding the human world better. She has a great love of our cultures, and enjoys learning about human concepts of things like right and wrong, good and evil. She is slightly harsher in her view of justice than most human cultures, as her tribe of Dwarves are very much a “remove the hand for theft” type of Justice society.

    Abilities: Able to call upon Dwarven Gods and powers of her ancestors, she has vast abilities in protection, offense, cleansing, healing, and war related things. Her presence creates an aura that raises the overall power of those around her by around 3 levels for anyone under level 20, and around 1 to 2 levels for 20+, just to give a baseline for how much improvement it provides. She can fire bolts of pure holy energy aligned with her tribe's concept of Good, and as her lineage is from craftsmen Dwarves she has an innate understanding of creation magicks. In the mundane she can stop many problems before they start, and can use her power to influence positive change for her keeper as well. She also has a deep and contemplative mind, allowing her to think her way through problems others would fail at finding a solution to.

    Age: ~900 Years

    Offerings: She prefers candle flame offerings.

    Level: 32

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