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Vehlinna Starshot
  • Vehlinna Starshot

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    A night magick Fairy woman with bright purple wings, blond hair, and often wearing a black dress. She has great power in the ways of nature magick, and has subordinates to aid her. She can appear as small as one inch tall, or as large as 5'8”

    Personality: Fun loving, funny, and kind are all good descriptors for her. She has an upbeat personality, and a dedication to those around her, as well as a love of life. While she is a being of dark magicks herself, she is kind and gentle whenever she can be. She does however have a vengeful streak if those around her are harmed.

    Abilities: She has powerful magicks associated with the night, including darkness manipulation, ability to empower beings of darkness and night, moon magicks, seeing hidden things, concealing that which is visible, and manipulations of the mind. She has considerable power over nature magicks as well, and where she goes in the planes the forests spring to life. In the mundane she is good at all forms of healing, defense, and manifestation through use of her unique magicks, often finding ways to achieve things through darkness that would seem impossible through light. She has at any time between 20 – 30 subordinate Fairy who are training alongside her who aid her on tasks, and around 100 lesser students she teaches in her free time, who then move on to fill graduating positions to aid her. Eventually those who work with her directly do move on to their own lives, but there are always around that 20 – 30 who accompany as direct apprentices because they are at the level where they can only learn by working directly with someone stronger like her.

    Age: ~ 4,000 Years

    Offerings: She accepts all offerings.

    Level: 38 (36 without subordinates)

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