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Velifax Earthenroot
  • Velifax Earthenroot

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    A powerful Elven Phoenix Flame wizard, who focuses on not only using the power of the phoenix, but can transform himself into one. He has long red fiery hair, and a mastery of fire and rebirth magicks.

    Personality: Quick witted, strong willed, compassionate, but also with a temper. His loyalty is unquestionable, and those who harm or threaten his keeper or keep should be wear. His personality is a mix between incredibly calm, but funny and friendly, and incredibly intense. His view on justice is very “eye for an eye” and “its better to give a little more than not enough.”

    Abilities: His Phoenix magick is amazingly powerful for healing, combat, protection, transformation, and change both in the planes and out. His ability to change into a phoenix is equally helpful. Beyond this though, he has also done a lesser study into things like ice magicks, darkness magick, Sun and Lunar magick, and the magick of Star Light energies. These are lesser abilities, but they give him a lot of versatility.

    Age: ~5,000 Years

    Offerings: Any offering with flame or fire, candles or incense are great.

    Level: 32

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