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Vencint Talon
  • Vencint Talon

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    A powerful Elf Warrior man who uses time shifting to his advantage. His appearance is one of many he can take as shown in his picture, but may shift when he uses his powers.

    Personality: While he can take many forms of himselfs through various timelines, they all have some common personality traits. He is always dedicated, a guardian, intense, and compassionate to his allies. He always has a tendency toward a kind of subtle yet dramatic speech, speaking softly with pauses to emphasise his words.

    Abilities: He is able to utilize many powerful magicks, but has a unique ability. He can shift himself through his own timelines, meaning calling upon variations of himself from other realities to take on their powers, abilities, and even knowledge. This means today he may be a master of fire or water, where tomorrow he could be a master of dimensional magicks, or specializing in runes, or gnome magicks, or all manner of things. All variations of him are a guardian at heart, but his vast array of potnetial selves means he could be very different from day to day, and can easily change to fit other challenges as needed.

    Age: ~4,000 Years

    Offerings: Offerings for him are dependent on his mood, but he generally welcomes any of them, and more over all variations of him enjoy conversation, praise, and just a general interaction.

    Level: 40

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