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Vrunhan Redstone
  • Vrunhan Redstone


    A powerful fire elemental, with amazing control over the elements of fire, lightning, and transitory elements around those (air, and ash) making him a formidable force. He appears like a man made out of fire, and is an amazing warrior with the ability to control the elements down to a devastating spark of energy less than a millimeter or to rain fire over an area of 20 miles. He can act as a sniper, or as a weapon of mass destruction, but his passion isn't in causing destruction, but in protecting others. He uses his vast elemental powers to protect those around him, and to bring justice for harms done to them. His view of justice is hot tempered, meaning he goes a little further than many others would. While his elemental powers provide some level of direct shielding for others, its not his core focus, and while he does pick up some other magicks and skills, he is very focused.


    He is very calm, focused, and intense. When he is not active on a job or task he is often seen flying through the air. Outside of this though he enjoys making metal sculptures. He is able to reduce the intensity of his flames and fire making them into a “cool fire” when interacting with others, a fire that doesn't burn, but feels almost like it tickles on the skin.


    Classification: Warrior 10, Guardian 6, Guide 2, Healer 1, Mystic 6, Generalist 5, Specialist 9

    Age: ~800 Years

    Offerings: Candle or flame offerings prefered.

    Level: 36

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