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Wandereyes – Storm Fae
  • Wandereyes – Storm Fae

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    A Fae of the Storm, Wandereyes appears as a young man with silver hair, wearing deep blue colors, and sporting a mischievious smile. He enjoys tricks and games, but will not play tricks on his keeper, and has vast power over the forces of chaos and order. He enjoys games so much, that his core purpose is games, and he often enjoys when people bet on how long a storm will last if he is in it, favoring those he has some kindness for in helping them become the winner. His powers go beyond the storm though, and he lost a bet with a larger being, a vast elemental force in the last storm, which imprisoned him for his loss. Thankfully he was able to grab hold of our conjure beacon and would like to work with the mortal realm now, favoring a keeper who would adopt him into their home. His playful nature is limited to small things, moving a glass a little bit, never hiding objects or things of the like, but his will to aid is vast, and he has much skill in changing things outside the norm. His debt to the larger elemental is paid now, as the rules were he would be imprisoned moving from one storm to the next until freed, he was betting it would be sooner rather than latter, and he was right.

    Level: 30

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