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Windershin Flaytail
  • Windershin Flaytail

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    A beautiful female Dark Gnome with purple hair, who is a master of Dark Nature magick. Instead of focusing on healing, she uses the elemental energies of entropy, fear, consumption, destruction, decay, and other forces of this nature. While these powers are dark, she can use them to heal, to protect, to harm, or to gain advantages in this world often through ways and methods not normally sought. She has a friendly, compassionate personality, and believes there is good to be found within dark things when one has the will to look. She enjoys our concepts of horror movies, and things that are frightening often sympathizing with the monster such as in Frankenstein and Dracula movies, and especially enjoys our more “cheesy” movies as a kind of guilty pleasure. She also enjoys fiction, and surprisingly things like mechanics and machinery and has a lesser skill set as an inventor. She is around 800 years old, and enjoys all offerings.

    Classification: Warrior 4, Guardian 4, Guide 4, Healer 1, Mystic 9, Generalist 4

    Age: ~800 Years

    Offerings: Any are acceptable

    Level: 24

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