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Winster Bramble
  • Winster Bramble


    Appearing as a tiny human, he is a Brownie who has touched the power of chaos, and been transformed by it. Wearing most often rainbow colored robes, and having long white hair and a clean shaven face, he often has a friendly smile. While he has now running in his blood chaos energy, he is still dedicated to the concept of taking care of the home, family, and allies within it. What is so different about him is how he does this. He uses chaos to help create inspiration, shift flows and forces around the house for productivity, and change the way flows of chaos energy influence things. He does study various arts of magick, but is mostly focused on magick having to do with the home.


    He's friendly, easy to get along with, and enjoys all manner of music. He can often be found helping entertain others, or helping allies in your keep achieve their goals. Thanks to his chaos magick, he can make hard tasks easier, so for example if an ally is working on forging a new mystical weapon, where chaos would normally be just “more risks of failure” he can bend it toward being amazing opportunities for a more resounding success. Outside of music and aiding others, he enjoys games of chance, board games, and activities like that.

    Classification: Warrior 1, Guardian 1, Guide 6, Healer 6, Mystic 7, Generalist 10, Specialist 8

    Age: ~600 Years

    Offerings: All are acceptable.

    Level: 31

    • Preconjure Purchase

       When purchasing a preconjure we ask that you save their images and descriptions to your local media such as phone, computer, or other services.


      We are no longer sending e-mails out containing that information, but WILL let you know when we have sent a preconjure over.


      This expediates the process for us, letting us keep our pricing low compared to our unprecedented levels of power, as well allowing us to offer better deals more often. This also means we can be much faster for large preconjure orders in getting them out to our clients. On phones you can easily screen shot the images and descriptions for your records, and on other devices there are easy options to save images, and copy descriptions to your choice of offline or cloud based document services.

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