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Xethorin Bladeleaf
  • Xethorin Bladeleaf

    $420.00 Regular Price
    $231.00Sale Price

    An Elf Warmaster, he wears heavy red armor, and uses a blade magick that produces weapons from his will alone, and can shift their resonance.

    Personality: Stern, focused, almost harsh in some ways. He has a tenacity, drive, and mental endurance few others do. He does have a sense of humor, and a deep compassion, but when its time to work, he's all business.

    Abilities: His red armor is surprisingly fast to move in, weighing almost nothing despite its bulk, and providing incredible protection from all forms of attack. His blade magick allows him to conjure bladed weapons formed of pure will, and he can change the resonance of these weapons to the proper frequency to cut almost any material. Because of this, he is the ultimate counter attacker, and an amazing combatant. His powers can also help him cut through problems by targeting their planar manifestation and cutting into it with the right resonance. Despite the heavy looking armor, he appears almost spry when he moves, like a flowing rhythmic dance of destruction in motion.

    Age: ~5,000 Years

    Offerings: He enjoys candle offerings the most.

    Level: 42

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