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Xiaoling Reshin
  • Xiaoling Reshin

    $300.00 Regular Price
    $180.00Sale Price

    Appearing as a Chinese Dragon, she is part Lunar Dragon, part Elf, and appears as a Chinese Dragon, or a beautiful Elven woman. While she is sensual, she does not require sensuality from her keeper, but is not opposed to it. She has considerable power over elemental forces and unique abilities.

    Personality: Friendly and mysterious, she seems ethereal at times, and then incredibly passionate at others. Her presence is profound, and she has a great love of learning, and helping others.

    Abilities: She has power over transformation magicks, and is able to transform elemental forces into flower petals in the planes. These condensed elemental forces allow her to cast spells of any kind, set traps with the flowers, use them for healing, or impart powers to allies if they wear or eat the flower petals, as well as much more. This unique “Lunar Flower Magick” is but one of her abilities. With her vast age, she has a wisdom to her that makes her an excellent guide, and her transformative powers can help both her keeper if they seek to improve themselves, or influence their lives more directly.

    Age: ~9,000 Years

    Offerings: She accepts all offerings, but enjoys ones with a sweet smell the most.

    Level: 30

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