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Xiashi Jiannu
  • Xiashi Jiannu

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    A Celestial of the Solstice, and a sword master, she appears as a young Asian woman wearing a white dress and often holding a sword. With a strong dedication she is a powerful guardian who can fill many other roles.

    Personality: Dedicated, focused, and maybe a bit arrogant. She is committed to the art of combat and defense, but does have interests outside of that such as music, poetry, and other areas of artistic interest.

    Abilities: She has powerful magicks centered around swords and weaponry, as well as combat and defense, and has some skills in illusions and healing art forms. She can conjure weapons at will, control their movement in flight, and has a mastery of most of our worlds martial arts, as well as esoteric arts centered around them. Because of this she can use her own Chi to amplify her abilities. She has a great deal of ability on areas such as illusion, but also has some healing power specifically when investing her energies into teas. This means she can charge teas in our realm to enhance their healing properties. A powerful guardian, she can form barriers made of weapons, or control them telekinetically to defend herself, or create seals or symbols around a foe then using binding, or destructive arts in alignment with her families Celestial elemental system (Earth, Wood, Fire, Air, Water, Metal, Life, Death, Lightning, and Void). With this combination of elemental forces, she not only has vast abilities to defend or attack, she has considerable ability to manifest change in other realms. Her view of justice is very dark compared to other areas.

    Age: ~3,800 Years

    Offerings: She preferences simple offerings, candles, incense, or even spring water or wine set out for her.

    Level: 42

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