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  • Xiolith

    $390.00 Regular Price
    $234.00Sale Price

    An Ice and Crystal Elemental, he looks like a massive walking Crystal Golem or Ice Golem. His powers are considerable for condensing energies, and he has vast ice energy abilities as well.

    Personality: Steady fast, sturdy, unmovable, and hard to sway in any situation. He has a loyalty that is unfailing, and a sharp intellectual mind, yet he speaks little. He shows his emotions more with shifts of energy, air, and temperature.

    Abilities: He has two primary abilities, the first is to absorb, concentrate, and direct powerful energies around him. These are any natural energies around him, including things like planetary forces that are in motion, sunlight, moonlight, or even energies from attunements or talismans he is gifted. The second is a strong power over ice. He can create and control massive amounts of ice, comparative to that of a small mountain, and can imbue it with a temporary kind of life. These “temporary life forms” of which he can create up to twenty at any time, are aspects of himself given form as people, who can then do work for him. They appear like normal humans, but with either deep unreal blue eyes, blue hair, blue finger nails, or blue lips.

    Age: ~9,000 Years

    Offerings: Any are acceptable.

    Level: 39

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