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  • Ye'ven'shire

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    Appearing as a beautiful woman, she is a Fae clothed in nature, and has a sensuality to her, but does not require sensuality from her keeper, though she is open for any interaction. She is the essence of the passion of nature, and is a powerful healer, guardian, guide, and above all balancing force. She goes by the name Shire.

    Personality: She has a passionate personality, with many interests connected to nature, herbology, plants, animals, and the world in general. She is fiercely loyal and protective of her keeper, and views the concept of justice as unnatural, but recognizes the cruelty of nature itself as a retributive force.

    Abilities: She has vast power over nature, able to manipulate the energies of nature, drawing in power from the natural world, and using plants and even calling on spirit animals in the planes to aid her in any given situation. She is never alone, as the animistic spirits all will rush to aid her as she acts as a healer and friend to all who have done no harm to her or hers. She has incredible healing and balancing powers, and is great for balancing out negative energies with positive, or finding a baseline for calm and focus in times of turmoil.

    Age: Ancient, over 50,000 years old

    Offerings: She has no preference on offerings and accepts all equally.

    Level: 38

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