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  • Zagal

    $420.00 Regular Price
    $210.00Sale Price

    An ancient Celestial War-Master, he appears as a much older man in all white robes, with aged features and a warm smile. All of this, and he is a force unto himself on a scale most can't understand. Inside his often carried walking staff is a long blade which he can pull in a moments notice, and he has a vast understanding of magicks and energy, which he hones into his body, movements, and environment for unimaginable results. Describing his abilities is difficult, because on the one hand, he has the precision and alignment with his blade that the sheer cut of it slices into the air with enough force to cleave a mountain in half. On the other hand he could amplify his strength to do the same with his hand. Yet, if he really wanted the mountain gone, he could form thousands of constructs from all forms of elements, and command them from the back, with precision, wiping the mountain from existence, capturing it as a strong hold, or using it as raw materials for a new tower in which he could read one of his books. His powers are that dynamic, and yet that impressive. Still all he does he does toward war. His maximum number of created constructs with magick is around 4,000 if focusing on relatively strong constructs, but he has been known to create elemental swarms into the tens of thousands.


    Personality wise he is very reserved, very focused, but his presence reassures those around him. He has an almost parental air to him when protecting others, but in his down time tends to keep more to himself reading books, painting pictures, composing music, meditating, or practicing his arts. That said, he does enjoy some community time at least once or twice a week with others, and easy to get along with in general. He does have a darker view of justice, meaning that he is more willing to “over balance” the scales in favor of his allies and against their enemies.


    Classification: Warrior 10, Guardian 10, Guide 4, Healer 3, Mystic 10, Generalist 3

    Age: Over 10,000 Years

    Offerings: All are acceptable.

    Level: 42

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