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  • Zahdrel

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    A powerful Fallen Angel man, he is a protector, guardian, and capable in many areas. He has a strong passionate side and some sensuality, but does not demand that from his keeper, and has no preferences in that regard.Compassionate, friendly, sensitive, strong, he is a powerful figure and is the embodiment of the Warrior Guardian in personality and mentality. He enjoys all forms of art and poetry, and often sings songs or plays on a stringed instrument pass the time when nothing else is going on.

    A powerful road opener for the mundane, in the planes he is an even stronger protector and guardian. He has power over light and shadows, able to create light from his person or in spheres, the shadows that this light casts he can animate into living shadows temporarily, or form solid shadow weapon with powerful cutting force. The edge of his shadow weapons is as thin as a shadow, and cuts with incredible striking force, but he can also form barriers, and shields of shadow energy. He can use his light powers for healing and defense as well. As a warrior he is very skilled, and keeps with him his angelic sword even after the fall, which provides him a weapon of considerable force as well when his powers are unsuited to the task.

    Classification: Warrior 10, Guardian 9, Guide 7, Healer 4, Mystic 4, Generalist 3

    Age: ~3,000 Years

    Offerings: All offerings are acceptable to him.

    Level: 29

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