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  • Zelrune

    $260.00 Regular Price
    $156.00Sale Price

    A lunar Horse Spirit she appears as a blue horse with a glow about her. She is a powerful manipulator of lunar and solar forces, and has vast knowledge and deep understanding. A powerful guardian who has some power over destiny.

    Personality: She is easy to get along with, enjoys company, and enjoys helping others. She does not mind being rode by any in the keep, or by her keeper, and enjoys aiding in journey work and such. She is dependable and has an even personality.

    Abilities: Able to manipulate the forces of the moon and sun at will, she can draw on their power for immense speed, fire bolts of lunar or solar energy from her eyes, heal with her aura, and even cross dimensions with a step. She has vast amounts of knowledge having lived an incredibly long time, and has some power over destiny. Her core powers are over protection, which helps her keeper in achieving goals both spiritual and mundane as she can ward off negative influence and spirits.

    Age: ~8,000 Years

    Offerings: She enjoys all offerings, but especially likes food offerings, or incenses that smell like food.

    Level: 26

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