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  • Zephyrix

    $380.00 Regular Price
    $228.00Sale Price

    An Ice Phoenix, she can appear either in her Pheonix form, or as a beautiful woman in an all blue ice like dress. She has a strong will, deep compassion, and is a powerful guardian, cleanser, healer, and mystic.

    Personality: Focused, and intense, she also has a deep well spring of compassion and understanding. She has a dry but casual sense of humor, and a deep intellectual mind.

    Abilities: As an Ice Phoenix, if ever destroyed she will be reborn cleansed and strengthened when exposed to any water, ice, snow, or otherwise. She has power to elementally create and control ice and snow as casually as a human moves a hand. In both her human and Phoenix forms she has vast knowledge of Phoenix magicks in general, including magicks centered around protection, healing, rebirth, renewal, and transformation magicks. She is able to create “ice flames” flames which burn cold, and spread like fire, freezing what they touch. Her Phoenix form allows her better flight and movement through the realms, where her human form allows her to hone magicks more directly, especially when acting as a guardian protector.

    Age: ~4,000 Years

    Offerings: All offerings, including candles and ice are welcome.

    Level: 38

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