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  • Zunsol

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    A powerful Solar Phoenix, he can appear as either a Phoenix made of powerful light and solar fire, or as a young man with red hair. In both forms he has vast powers over light, sun energy, and fire magicks.

    Personality: A bit of an intense, hot tempered personality, he has a deep well spring of compassion and loyalty matched only by his intensity and sense of self. He's very joking, happy, funny, and fun to be around in general, with an upbeat personality that matches the intensity.

    Abilities: He has vast power over the elemental forces of light, The Sun, and Solar Fire as energies. In his Phoenix form he not only is restored by any touch of sunlight, but healed by Sunlight, and Moonlight as a reflection of it. He can wield Solar and Lunar energies, though lunar is harder for him, with ease. In his human form, he can form constructs of raw solar fire, or lunar energy. He is a powerful guardian, defender, and healer thanks to the nature of his powers. He also has considerable skill road opening, as well as removing barriers. He's a phenomenal cleanser, and clearer of negative energies.

    Age: ~3,200 Years

    Offerings: All fire offerings such as candles or incense are welcome

    Level: 39

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