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Complex Services

Document File

Complex services require a document file be created by the client in google docs and set so that Rosequartz Labyrinth Staff can edit the document.

Core Purpose

The Core Purpose section should include a maximum of one paragraph the purpose of the service. If a service requires more than one paragraph, it is not a singular service, talisman, or other working and should be broken down into smaller services or independent functional works. In the case of Complex Servitors this section can be two to three paragraphs with each paragraph dedicated to personality, abilities, or description each.

Page Limits

The file should be limited to no more than 2 pages of needed information. Extra pages in the case of references for servitor creation are considered acceptable.

Components Breakdown

This section should include component services contributing toward the Core Purpose Statement that the client is interested in. Estimations of level of power can be given in a range in this section such as "Elemental Magick Between Levels 3 and 5 For Cleansing." These estimates will be refined in discussion and edits.

File Parts

The file should consist of a core purpose statement, components break down, and secondary information section.

Secondary Information

This contains any thoughts or ideas on other implementations, methods, or things not discussed in the core purpose. This can be placed after the Components Break Down. This should not have information directly pertinent to the Core Purpose, but may include nice to haves, special requests, and may include level estimates. 

Sample Document

Core Purpose: The Core Purpose of this talisman is to provide a high degree of protection over a wide spread array of attacks. What I'm wanting is something that will protect against attacks of multiple types, and hit back against attackers. It should be able to distinguish friend from foe, and be active without my intervention or interaction other than wearing it.

Components Break Down:

Elemental Ritual: 4 or 8 (For Elemental Protections and to exploit elemental weaknesses)

Sorcery: 3 - 5 Levels (For raw power and shielding using whatever complex methods you deem fit)

Rune Magick: 2 - 3 Levels (Select runes for protection and retribution please).

Secondary Information:

If it could also help with protecting me from people trying to influence my luck I would love to have that. Maybe a level or two of your Wyrd Empowering Rituals if those would help.

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