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Welcome to The Rosequartz Labyrinth

Blue Skies

Bringing you quality mystical services and products since 2016!

lifting a burden

Need help with your mundane life? We've got spell work and talismans that can help with that! Let us do some of the heavy lifting for your metaphysical needs.

a spiritual being with strangely long arms

Spiritual Allies and Aid Conjured for you! Living Servitors made specifically for you! The place to get the extra metaphysical muscle to get things done!

a wizard giving a consultation

Need some mystical advice? Divination? Help with your metaphysical training? We have you covered, Charles can help you improve your life situation or your mystical might.

Our Terminology

Terminology in mysticism is anything but universal. With thousands of systems of magick in existence, countless traditions of Shamanism, Witchcraft, and Occult practice it's easy for terminology to be confusing from one practice to another. We therefore provide a terminology section for our valued clients to make navigating our amazing and astounding services easier to understand.

Pink Sugar

Quality Magick and Mysticism

With a combined total of over 40 years of experience in the mystical arts our team has a wide array of knowledge and special skills to help you overcome your problems. We are practitioners of magick, divination, energy work, and generalized mysticism who have a passion for helping others grow, better their lives, and get the results they are looking for. We provide tarot and rune readings, spells to aid your life, mystical tools, and conjuration services. Something you need but don't see? Contact us, we do custom order ritual, conjuration, and other services via invoicing. 

Florida Residents Notice:

Florida state and county taxes are required to be collected at the time of purchase as we are located in Florida. As Florida state and county taxes are separate entities all orders of physical goods to be shipped TO the state of Florida must be done by PayPal invoice separate from our ordering system. If you order within the state of Florida we will refund your payment and contact you to invoice the appropriate amount for your order with taxes included. If ordering from the state of Florida to avoid this confusion please contact us through our contact form for a PayPal invoice with included sales tax on ALL PHYSICAL GOODS. If we are not shipping a product to you then no physical sales tax is necessary to be accounted for and this does not apply.

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