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1 / Casting

A casting is a single working which may take place over the course of a day, or multiple days, to influence outcomes in favor of our clients. Castings may utilize an altar space for the duration of a casting but once the work is completed that altar is freed up for other work. Castings, generally, maintain altar space for twenty-four hours from the time they are completed. In cases where many days are needed to complete a casting the twenty-four hours starts on the last day of the working, not the first. Most of our services are considered castings, though some are time based and have a listing for the amount of time for the work.

2 / Conjuration

Conjuration is the art of bringing forth a familiar spirit, often times called spirit keeping, to aid you in day to day tasks or to act as a companion. This form of magick is mentioned in many grimoires and workings in which spirits, demons, angels, and other forces are known for "giving good familiars." As time has progressed we as mystics have learned to find familiars for others. At RQL our familiars have the strongest resonance with you we can possibly achieve no matter the level. Below is our general listing of power comparison from our previous scale and what to be expected

3 / Conjuration Levels

Level 1 - This level of power is well suited for a companion who is going to provide advice, interact, and be assigned minor or small tasks to take care of. While it's possible to find a guardian or defender at this level, more often those who protect at this level do so more through cleansing or creating defenses and act in a less direct capacity. Spirits who focus on solving tasks at this level often use specialization or take longer periods of time to build up power. This is an excellent introductory level to get a feel for our powerful resonance in conjuration methods, and great for a companion who can help advise and take on small tasks such a minor cleansing of an area, or subtle shifts in things like emotional currents.

Level 4 to 8 - At these levels of power we start getting into spirits who are able to handle larger tasks, have greater wealth of knowledge, and are able to do more overall in the realms. This is where we set our base level recommendation for most people who are looking to get into working with spirits and are seeking companions with enough power, wisdom, or unique abilities to tackle average every day tasks such as improving luck, major cleansing, or even just having more raw presence to be felt and influence the world around them.

Level 8 to 12 - Here we get into the "heavy hitters" spirits with enough raw power, presence, and capability to handle larger tasks such as influencing big parts of a persons life in work, home, love, or other areas. When seeking a conjure who is wise, their wisdom is considerably greater at these levels, and power at these levels begins to become suitable for defense against negative spirits at a lesser level. Spirits in this range of power can cleanse larger areas, make major shifts in luck or probability, are stronger healers, better guardians, and often have more wisdom as well as power. This is often the baseline level we recommend to clients who want the best "power to value" ratio.

Level 12 to 16 - This is where we set the benchmark for guardians, protectors, defenders, major movers and shakers in the spiritual realm. At these levels of power we begin to see major manifestations when tasked with a problem to handle. For those seeking the upper level, this is the range that it starts at, and its a very capable range of power for almost any task. Beings at this level of power are vastly capable, able to handle larger changes in life, having greater levels of power, and able to manifest larger changes, handle multiple tasks at one time, or be sent to help others less connected to you. When people ask me the level I recommend for those who want a good all around guardian, advisor, and aid in life this is where I start pointing. It is at this level that beings begin to be able to hold their own against Soul Sworded beings, without even having a Soul Sword themselves.


Level 16 to 20 -  This is where some of the strongest guardians, most powerful healers, quickest luck shifters, and most impressive reality altering spirits start at. At this level many spirits are the equivalent of a "one person army" in terms of solving problems, or tackling tasks, providing protection, and achieving goals. These beings are often older, wiser, more experienced, and more capable than those within the 12 - 16 range.

Level 20 to 24 - This could be called beyond the top tier. Level's 20 and above are the upper level of power we can guarantee in our conjure methods at present. At this level of power, conjures have considerably greater ability to influence the world around them, our realm, and other realms beyond their home plane. They move beyond being "one person armies" in terms of raw power, and often have advanced perspectives, or unique abilities within their range and sphere of influence that are marvelous to behold. This is currently the last level of power we can reliably conjure at.

Level 24 to 28 - We are entering the territory of beings that move beyond traditional concepts not just of power, but of manifestation. Beings in this range can often break some of the spiritual rules in other planes, and bend many others. Levels beyond 28 are increases to this phenomenal level of power.

Old Level Scales - As we advance our methods of conjuration you may notice that the old levels, such as 12, which use to be considered the "maximum power" standard get relegated to a lower recommendation. This is because as we are able to conjure more powerful allies, we recommend stronger options as the standard. When it comes to defending your home, helping you in your life, or achieving your goals while we don't like to "oversell" our own services, stronger really is better. 

4 / Conjure Level Minimum

One of the big points of confusion on our conjuration scale when ordering is what to expect in terms of power when ordering. The level you order a conjure at is the MINIMUM acceptable level we will send over, not the maximum, and more often than not we see conjures of a higher level. Our conjuration process focuses on the highest resonance between you and the familiar spirit. This means that often who comes through will be stronger than that minimum level of power, but we can't guarantee a level above the one purchased. When you purchase at a level we conjure to find a being at that level of power or higher, so that the minimum level is met. This means that if during the conjuration there are ten familiar spirits suited to working with you, but one is a much higher resonance than the others but the others are stronger that higher resonance will be the one selected. This is because we believe that higher resonance means more to their influence and interaction in your life. However, if all things are equal in resonance, the strongest conjure showing up is the one who will be selected, which means often we have conjures a level or two stronger come through.

5 / Preconjures

Our preconjures are familiars who have no master and wish to work with humans in order to better advance themselves spiritually and for the sense of companionship that comes with such workings. They are seeking people who mesh well with their energies. Preconjures have a "Communication Seal" as their picture, which may be used to get a feeling of them by meditating upon the seal. Once a preconjure has an owner the seal becomes empowered to only work for that owner, or those the owner designate, to sense them through it. The communication seal may also be used as an amplifier for ritual working, offerings, etc once the preconjure is yours.

6 / Purposes

Most of our services list a section called Purpose, which is the purpose you are purchasing the service for. While this is descriptive, we've found many clients have one of these common purposes they are looking for magickal aid in. This can be a great place to start looking to get an idea of what would be ideal for helping you in your goals.


A general amplification in your luck field, influencing base level probability around you to be favorable to an outcome, this can be more specific, but generalized works better.


A Countering force to things like readings and other “destiny” oriented situations. Fate shifts are powerful changes in your luck, probability, and ultimate destinations. Far more honed than luck, this is more efficient than a Luck work for working a singular point of change in the future.


This could be wealth, productivity, or things of that nature. Prosperity is all about getting what you want. This can be aimed more specifically toward one area or another, but it acts as an augment to what work you put in. Prosperity doesn’t drop the solution in your lap, but amplifies every effort to make it far more impactful in achieving your goal. Prosperity can also offer opportunities to be prosperous within it’s point of focus.

Road Opening

Road opening is very similar to prosperity working, but focuses more on new opportunities, guiding you to them, and making them available than just amplifying your existing work. If you feel stuck, be it in a spiritual, or physical direction, road opening can be a powerful option.


Love is another often sought after focus. We do not do targeted love spells, that is a love spell for a single person, but instead do spell work to help you find love with a person who is suited to you, and who you are suited for. We’re firm on this stance. Love workings can help you find the right partner, or open up opportunities to meet them.

Spiritual Power

This could be psychic amplification, energy body healing, amplifying senses, increasing spiritual activity, cleansing the spiritual self, cleansing a personal space or anything not focusing on the physical plane. This is not suited for banishing, but is great for getting a boost of energy, helping you work with a new type of energy, or instilling new energies into you.This is not an attunement, but an amplified charge of energy. If you take the time to work with new energies over the first month of this, you will develop new skills and abilities with them. If you are looking for a power you can personally call again and again look at our attunements section.



Not vengeance, but a balancing force. Justice is all about bringing forth the greater powers to aid one in achieving a retributive action in line not with the clients want, but within a balance of what has been done to them. We do not offer vengeance workings, but our renowned justice workings hit with high intensity. We recommend higher level workings for justice as most people do have a level of natural spiritual protection. Blessings focused on justice are a minor augment unless coupled and combined with many blessings, where Rituals provide that singular point of focus.


A subset of Spiritual Power that is very common is cleansing. This has to do with clearing negative energies from an area. Not suited for banishing negative spirits, this can remove their influence after they have left or been dealt with. Oftentimes the residual pain, energy, and essence of a conflict remains, be it a physical or spiritual one, in an area and cleansing is ideal for solving this.



Included in Spiritual Power often, Healing work provides augmentation to the energy bodies which can then help influence the physical, emotional, or mental bodies thereby improving overall health. We are not practicing physicians so this shouldn’t be used as a treatment for illness. That said, healing work is one of the oldest and most common forms of magick, and our methods help holistically improve your overall quality of life through focusing greater powers to aid in healing your various spiritual bodies, forces, and flows.


General Life Improvement

Good for encouraging overall growth, happiness, and harmony in your life. Services put to this purpose can impact many areas of your life, and has the greatest field of influence of all the possible options. Effectively the forces called to aid you provide a more gentle care, aiming to make your life happier, and improve overall. This is a great option to consider if you need a boost of magickal aid, but are unsure what area to ask for help in.


Protection is all about preventative measures, and is a good option for when you have a lot of negative influences in your life. Protection workings take a more passive approach to improving one's life by redirecting, shielding, or otherwise defending against negative outcomes. Protection is also good for spiritual situations in which one feels hampered or attacked and can provide some relief. Like all workings, protection is effective up to its level of power. Unlike other workings which often distribute power over time to get the best result for a client, protection workings provide a pool of energy keyed into the working, and used up as the protection is applied. Higher level protection workings will last much longer than lower level workings.

Psychic Amplification

Improving one's spiritual gifts or spiritual power, while often a long road, can be aided by mystical services and operations! While hard work and effort are still necessary to progress, our services can lend you a hand by amplifying, balancing, harmonizing, or healing your energy flows, or helping organize the energies flowing into you to be more beneficial toward your work.


Achieving peace within your life, or with a specific individual is one of the most often sought after goals of magick. When hard feelings run deep, or tempers run hot, being able to cool things down with a little magickal aid can be of incredible value.

7 / Conjure Classifications

Our Conjure Classification system provides a quick and easy way to see the focus areas, greater strengths, and capabilities of a Conjure within its level of power. Generally Conjure Level of power determines more of the capability of a conjure than classification, but for example a Level 24 Conjure with a 10 in Healer would be a much better healer than a Level 40 with a 5 or even 6. Preconjures are grouped by these categories with their highest focus areas putting them in a grouping to make it easier to find that amazing companion that will suit your needs.

A good offense is a good defense. Warriors exemplify direct attacking force. While many warrior focused conjures make good guardians, the two vary significantly. Warriors guard, bring justice, or solve problems with a very "direct and forward focused" mentality. While warrior focused conjures can often shield or protect, their primary method of protection is eliminating a threat first. They focus on brute force, though may be using brute force of mystical energies such as elemental weapons or powers as their primary. Warriors are hardy, and can fight in close, keeping other members of the keep safe from harm by being the first line of defense.

Guardians differ from warriors believing a good defense IS A GOOD DEFENSE. They focus on heavy shielding, sometimes cleansing powers. They often utilize kinetic, creation, and other abilities to create powerful and complex barriers, or use other unique powers to defend and protect. Guardian focused conjures provide a significant increase in protection for all their allies, including their keeper, by focusing on absorbing, diverting, or otherwise preventing attacks from hitting home. They are a force multiplier, meaning their presence can make a team significantly stronger, by taking the burden of protection from other conjures allowing them to pursue other means of dealing with negative entities as well as negative energy currents during energy shifts.

Guides are the essence of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and contemplation in some way. Guides have either a depth of life experiences, or a unique and powerful mind focused on aiding others in finding their destination. Guides are amazing at helping one find their life path, explore their sense of self, find their spiritual center, make better decisions in life, and all manner of life choices. Guides while not a replacement for common sense and reason bring with them an incredible depth of insight, often having wisdom and understanding beyond the human limits. They are excellent at helping one learn more about areas of focus, especially areas they have focused in, and great for providing inspiration toward self betterment in whatever areas you seek. If you have a goal you are trying to achieve, guide focused Conjures are an amazing option. Guides can be awesome additions to a keep, acting to help organize and provide advice and wisdom to those of the keep who are in need. They can act as a councilor for other keep members, as well as help them find ways to advance their own skills and abilities.

Those with a high healer classification fill two primary roles. The first of these is direct healing, the second is channeling energies, powers, abilities, focuses, or skills that allow some form of major cleansing. Cleansing and healing are part of the same "empowering" subset. Healers tend to also be able to boost the power of those around them, amplifying a keep's capability by strengthening the power and abilities of those around them. Between cleansing, healing injuries, amplify abilities, and empowering their keeper and allies they bring a lot to the table. When a healer focused conjure joins a group, the group benefits. They tend to be protected by other conjures, as their power and skills are so valued, but many healers take the front lines, and its not uncommon for them to have high markers in Guardian or Warrior. A pure focused healer can put 100% of their focus in a situation or conflict on the keep and keeper, but a more diverse healer has the benefit of being able to take the front line. Like all conjure types, having more than one healer can act as a powerful amplifier, but with healers in particular this is doubly true. Two healers can split the work of cleansing and healing in a conflict for a small keep, for a large keep, multiple healers can fill many roles of back line and front line healing, cleansing and shielding, and dealing with immediate concerns via powerful cleansing forces. A healer focused conjure is always a valuable addition to a keep.

While many conjures utilize some form of mystical energy or power, mystics revel in the study, learning, advancement, and direct focus of these skills. They are above all else versatile within their mystical skills, and often study many methods of magick across a wide range of fields. Mystics define themselves by their study and application of magick. A mystic doesn't just HAVE mystical powers, they study how those powers work, how to apply them, can shape and shift them, and have a depth of knowledge and understanding in the areas of mysticism and magick that make them formidable. Mystics come in all shapes, sizes, and conjures races. With their focus on the occult, arcane, and mystical workings of the various worlds their abilities are vast. Mystics can amplify the keep more directly, creating armor, weapons, shields, and much more. Many would think that a mystic fills all roles of the previous listed, and while often mystics will have high marks in other areas, what makes them get the high rank marker for the mystic is a deep attention to how magick works, the study of it, and the application of it in both grand and subtle ways. When looking at a conjure with a high mystic ranking, its a good idea to look at the other rankings for some ideas of how they utilize their magicks more directly. Mystics are a great choice for a general power amplifier for a keep, solving problems for keep and keeper, and for adding someone to the keep who has a deep understanding of mysticism on an innate level. Where a guide may have more general knowledge, and be better at advising, a mystic knows more about how, why, and what magick is on both an intellectual and innate level. 

Some conjures can either fill so many roles because of their unique abilities, or have abilities that defy classification. This is what our generalist category focuses on. Many conjures will have mid to high markers in generalist as a category showing they can fit many of the roles they have markers in easily. Conjures with a high rank in generalist are either so versatile they can fit (nearly) any role, in the list or they have a diverse power so unique that it is far outside the norm. Even mystics who are focused on a dozen types of magick or more aren't as versatile as a generalist often is. They have a unique perspective making them a valuable guide, guardian, warrior, mystic, and healer depending on the needs of the keep. Generalists by nature either aren't as capable as one of the specialist listings, or have such a unique power that while it may match one of the other listings, they can utilize it to good effect in almost any other area. Generalists are often great for manifestation of mundane needs, tied with mystics in this respect, thanks to their unique perspectives and ability sense. There is an old saying "jack of all trades, master of none, oft times better than a master of one" which fits the generalist. Not just a force multiplier, they can temporarily eliminate weak points in a keep by filling the role needed, and when a new weak point shows up, making their way to that. They are adaptive, and since they aren't focused in just one or two areas, are more than willing to make themselves available to any purposes needed.

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