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1 / Casting

A casting is a single working which may take place over the course of a day, or multiple days, to influence outcomes in favor of our clients. Castings may utilize an altar space for the duration of a casting but once the work is completed that altar is freed up for other work. Castings, generally, maintain altar space for twenty-four hours from the time they are completed. In cases where many days are needed to complete a casting the twenty-four hours starts on the last day of the working, not the first. Most of our services are considered castings, though some are time based and have a listing for the amount of time for the work.

2 / Conjuration

Conjuration is the art of bringing forth a familiar spirit, often times called spirit keeping, to aid you in day to day tasks or to act as a companion. This form of magick is mentioned in many grimoires and workings in which spirits, demons, angels, and other forces are known for "giving good familiars." As time has progressed we as mystics have learned to find familiars for others. At RQL our familiars have the strongest resonance with you we can possibly achieve no matter the level. Below is our general listing of power comparison from our previous scale and what to be expected

3 / Conjuration Levels

Custom Conjure Companion: Level 1 - This level of power is well suited for a companion who is going to provide advice, interact, and be assigned minor or small tasks to take care of. While it's possible to find a guardian or defender at this level, more often those who protect at this level do so more through cleansing or creating defenses and act in a less direct capacity. Spirits who focus on solving tasks at this level often use specialization or take longer periods of time to build up power. This is an excellent introductory level to get a feel for our powerful resonance in conjuration methods, and great for a companion who can help advise and take on small tasks such a minor cleansing of an area, or subtle shifts in things like emotional currents.

Custom Conjure Normal: Level 2 to 3 - At these levels of power we start getting into spirits who are able to handle larger tasks, have greater wealth of knowledge, and are able to do more overall in the realms. This is where we set our base level recommendation for most people who are looking to get into working with spirits and are seeking companions with enough power, wisdom, or unique abilities to tackle average every day tasks such as improving luck, major cleansing, or even just having more raw presence to be felt and influence the world around them.

Custom Conjure Advanced: Level 4 to 6 - Here we get into the "heavy hitters" spirits with enough raw power, presence, and capability to handle larger tasks such as influencing big parts of a persons life in work, home, love, or other areas. When seeking a conjure who is wise, their wisdom is considerably greater at these levels, and power at these levels begins to become suitable for defense against negative spirits at a lesser level. Spirits in this range of power can cleanse larger areas, make major shifts in luck or probability, are stronger healers, better guardians, and often have more wisdom as well as power.

Custom Conjure Superior: Level 7 to 9 - This is where we set the benchmark for guardians, protectors, defenders, major movers and shakers in the spiritual realm. At these levels of power we begin to see major manifestations when tasked with a problem to handle. For those seeking the upper level, this is the range that it starts at, and its a very capable range of power for almost any task. Beings at this level of power are vastly capable, able to handle larger changes in life, having greater levels of power, and able to manifest larger changes, handle multiple tasks at one time, or be sent to help others less connected to you. When people ask me the level I recommend for those who want a good all around guardian, advisor, and aid in life this is where I start pointing.

Custom Conjure Ultimate: Level 8 to 12 - When you want raw power, the top tier is where to go. This is where the strongest guardians, most powerful healers, quickest luck shifters, and most impressive reality altering spirits start at. The scale stops at 12 because rarely do keepers need more power than this, and in those situations there are other options listed through our shop to help amplify power or otherwise give them tools to do more. At this level many spirits are the equivalent of a "one person army" in terms of solving problems, or tackling tasks.

Higher Levels beyond 12 are possible upon request for an invoice. Contact us at if you are interested in a familiar spirit above level 12 or if you have any questions or concerns.

4 / Conjure Level Minimum

One of the big points of confusion on our conjuration scale when ordering is what to expect in terms of power when ordering. The level you order a conjure at is the MINIMUM acceptable level we will send over, not the maximum, and more often than not we see conjures of a higher level. Our conjuration process focuses on the highest resonance between you and the familiar spirit. This means that often who comes through will be stronger than that minimum level of power, but we can't guarantee a level above the one purchased. When you purchase at a level we conjure to find a being at that level of power or higher, so that the minimum level is met. This means that if during the conjuration there are ten familiar spirits suited to working with you, but one is a much higher resonance than the others but the others are stronger that higher resonance will be the one selected. This is because we believe that higher resonance means more to their influence and interaction in your life. However, if all things are equal in resonance, the strongest conjure showing up is the one who will be selected, which means often we have conjures a level or two stronger come through.

5 / Preconjures

Our preconjures are familiars who have no master and wish to work with humans in order to better advance themselves spiritually and for the sense of companionship that comes with such workings. They are seeking people who mesh well with their energies. Preconjures have a "Communication Seal" as their picture, which may be used to get a feeling of them by meditating upon the seal. Once a preconjure has an owner the seal becomes empowered to only work for that owner, or those the owner designate, to sense them through it. The communication seal may also be used as an amplifier for ritual working, offerings, etc once the preconjure is yours.

6 / Mysticism Level

The new system takes into account our clients' need for a better understanding of the amount of power any one service provides in an easy to understand fashion. To that end, thanks to our advancing our own spiritual technologies over the past few years, we’ve been able to create a measurement of power that we are calling “Mystical Units” or mu for short. The measurement of 1mu is equal to the amount of mystical power we would expect from a trained apprentice under our training in our arts doing a ritual while having 2 years of experience, proper tools and resources, as well as the guidance of masters such as ourselves. Most services provide between 2 to 10mu of power as they are performed by masters. This means that even the lowest level services would be twice what one could expect from a five year practitioner in the field. Custom workings provide 2mu per level. Services with an mu rating can be increased in power by purchasing more copies of that service. Some services this will be restricted on as they will have their own level increase options, and in those cases will have a pricing structure that reflects that. Attunements, Journey Work, Readings, Services for Familiar Conjures and Servitors, and any other service performed that can not benefit from this is excluded. If you are unsure if a service is included, contact us and we'll clarify.

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