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Who We Are

Who are we?

We, The Rosequartz Labyrinth are trained mystics focusing our considerable skills in magick to provide the highest level of services we can. We recognize a need in the universe to bring powerful mysticism in the forms of Magick, Familiar Conjuration, Divination, Healing, and other services. We have years of experience in the arts of magick and mysticism. We provide unique services to bring the powers of the universe to bare on your behalf. Further we have a goal of advancing the arts we have expertise in. We are always looking for ways to make our Conjures stronger, our Spells more impacting, our Healing more effective, and our Divination more accurate. To that end we pioneer mystical technologies in these fields for you. Often what you find in our store you will find nowhere else.

What do we do?

We offer Divination, Spell Casting, Energy Healing, Attunement, and other Magick related services through our Mystical Services and Items section. Looking for Talismans or Spell work? Check under our Magick Section.

How do we do what we do?

In our magick section of the shop we have divided our workings into kinds of magicks. These magicks may represent beings we will work with through ritual and/or shamanic journey, energy work, and other methods. These methods also, when listing a specific tradition such as Southern Folk Magick or Shamanic Journey, can represent a singular methodology we will follow during those workings. When not specified you can expect us to use a combination of shamanic and sorcery techniques to achieve the goal. A dedicated altar space to be used for the working, or for us to use our PERSONAL altar space if need be to amplify results on high level workings. This is part of our dedication to providing you the very best in mystical practices. We exemplify transparency in our art forms and make it a point to be open and honest with all our clients about our methods and practices.

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With over 40 combined years of experience we have the mystical might and know how to tackle any situation.

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Charles McBride


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Helen McBride


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