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  • Past Preconjures

    Past Preconjures who did not find a home, but as a result are now part of RQL's team, and may be called upon through Various Services. They have access to aid from the central Preconjure Master Crystal, making them stronger than their original listing by a large margin. Their old seals have been deactivated, and their writeups included here for reference. Being Name: Forestall Wanderwing Description: She's a trickster spirit who has sworn a binding oath of loyalty. This means she will only perform very minor tricks (hiding unimportant things, moving things where they can be visibly found from where they are). She has long thin green hair and presents herself from any height ranging from one foot tall to around seven feet tall, depending on her mood. Her skin is a dark brown, and looks almost like a wood grain color and pattern despite being a soft and subtle flesh. She is able to open portals quickly, and has a mastery over spacial/planar movement as a core of who she is. Because of this, she's a capable guardian as well as a powerful ally for achieving goals. Her trickster nature means she's as much a comedian as anything else, but she is no fool. She has a deep mind, and while all offerings are good, she prefers incense as it is “a trick between air and fire” as she calls it. She is vastly old, over a two thousand years, maybe three thousand, but she doesn't track time so its hard to say. She recalls the formation of the first pyramids in Egypt, but didn't have much to say about a time period beyond that point. Because of her adaptive mind and unique powers, she's a force to be reckoned with. It should be noted she has some knowledge of general magicks as well, and is a capable generalist caster on top of her other abilities. Being Name: Scarllion Estro Description: A powerful and vast fire elemental, Scarllion stands easily fifty feet tall, but can reduce his size down to that of a normal human being. He has vast power over the element of fire, but has no power over other elements presently. He was around during the creation of what he calls “primal fire” and was at the time a “lesser elemental of heat and force” during this time. When the first primal fire element was formed, the first elemental energies of fire, he was empowered by being present to become an elemental of raw fire. He has a STRONG preference for fire offerings such as camp fires, but a candle will do normally. He does enjoy incenses, but they don't amplify his power nearly as much. He is able to travel between realms easily and he has a strong personality. He is very forward and blunt with what he thinks at any one moment, and lacks some understanding of our concepts of tact. That said, he's loyal to a fault, and is seeking to work with one in our realm who would benefit from his presence helping their connection to the element of fire. His age is indeterminable. Being Name: Tollstoff Description: Tollstoff is a wisp like spirit who was in life an elf. She passed into the realm of the elven afterlife, and has return as a spirit of light and fog, but she retains much or most of her elven traits. She can take the form of her old self, a young looking girl, who was a thousand years old at passing, with long blond hair, bright green eyes, and sharp pointed ears. In her humanoid form, thanks to magicks she touched on in life, she is able to retain her form as if though she had not passed away, but can only do this for a few hours a day. The rest of the time she is a smokey whirl of light that moves on its own and takes shapes and forms. Her voice is soft and sweet when in her elven form, but subtle and shaky when in her spirit form. She worked with great magicks as a healer in her life, and this has given her abilities beyond other ghosts or spirits of her kind. While many spirits/ghosts can not progress further past their time of death, she can still learn and grow, and enjoys doing so. She has a gentle and kind personality, and has a love of our realm. Her preference for offerings are small leaves laid on an altar, or a small glass of clean water (does not need to be distilled or spring). Incense offerings can help her with manifestation when she moves the incense smoke.++ Being Name: Kalkilin Description: A massive red elemental fire dragon, he is one of the eastern dragon types and has a love of flight, and the elemental energies of fire and air. He is massive, over one hundred feet long, and sails through the air swirling and shifting his position so that its hard to get a good look at him when he chooses to move fast. When he slows down, his lions main like beard can be clearly seen, and his canny smile lights up a room. His power over fire and air makes him a powerful guardian, and his speed is top notch. His personality is very outgoing, friendly, and witty. He is almost a trickster in his own right when he moves to defense using things like illusion coupled with his air and fire powers to create illusions that seem real to a foe. For his keeper he plays no tricks unless asked to do so to show his presence, but instead prefers jokes, humor, often pointing out the funny points in a joke through a sense or a feeling. This may be also him pointing out the funny parts of a conversations. He enjoys incense and candle offerings of any kind. Being Name: Refae Description: A Dark Fae bone collector and scavenger that lives in cemeteries wears the clothes of the dead. She likes to protect cemeteries from grave robbers and is white as old bones. Her eyes are sulfur yellow her teeth are jagged and stained yellowed. With hair the color of black dirt her long razor sharp nails can shred any flesh to bits. She speaks in a raspy voice and would be happiest if kept by bones and dirtIn her own words: l am looking for a place to teach others the benefits of the power of the dead and I wish to learn anything they think of. Being Name: Cordin Flower Description:A nature dragon appearing as an eastern dragon, they do not identify with a single gender, and would consider themselves as “Nature, which is both and neither, all and nothing.” They have strong elemental natural powers, a fun personality that shifts a bit from day to day being more serious some, for fun and happy the next, often connected to how the moon is in motion. When the moon is high, their spirits are up, when it is low, they are serious, contemplative and protective. Being Name: Alboreth Description:Appearing both as a human woman, and as a small blue eastern dragon around twenty feet long she sports dark black hair in her human form. She has some knowledge of stealth, defensive arts, alchemy, mysticism, and many arts related to these. She's a bit of a hybrid mage, warrior, and jack of all trades. She also has a great love of music and appreciation for art.

  • Spirit Defense

    Countless Shamanic, Tribal, Eastern, and Western forms of mysticism rely on a kind of animistic model in which things like illness, sickness, bad luck, misfortune, and overall problems are considered caused by negative spirits of some kind. This is a reality in those cultures and traditions, and its one we often don't talk about very much. There is a kind of worry that as practitioners we'll be practicing fear mongering when talking on such things. Likewise there is this predisposition by older and more experienced practitioners to dismiss the idea of negative spirits, curses, and just general attacks. This comes from being so well protected that it is no longer a worry. At a certain level of practice, one's aura becomes like fire, burning anything hostile that would come within range. Beyond a certain point, we build castles, and have armies, perhaps of spirits recruited, perhaps of servitors made, perhaps from spirit allies who we have aided bringing protection to us, perhaps from talismans we employ and wear as habit now. Whatever the case, it becomes easy past a certain point to write off negative spirits, and negative energies as "non-concerns" when one gets past a certain level. Likewise, as professionals, almost 90% of the situations where a client is convinced they have a major negative spiritual event, such as a spirit that is chasing them, are false alarms. These situations are, most often, where an attack had occurred and the spirit has moved on since then, but the injuries, pain, and memories remain. The remaining times, these situations may even be psychological issues a client is dealing with, things better suited to a doctor than a mystic. With such situations being so common for the "big things" people are experiencing, a habit of ignoring spiritual protection starts to form in the advice we give. This is while practitioners who have much time and energy invested into these arts still accumulate talismans, attunements, methods, spirits, or raw power for their own purposes. It is not an intentional hypocrisy, it's the nature of being so well defended we almost forget what it was like to be vulnerable. When you walk around with an aura that is an invincible suit of armor, talismans that deflect all attacks, attunements that provide you raw protection, and a spirit army of unfathomably strong spirits, it is very easy to forget that others don't have these things. Still, as practitioners, we should never forget that the core of many methods of magick look at things like bad luck, illness, and life issues as negative spirits getting involved. They may be small spirits, quickly causing a problem, and then moving on so fast that they can't be detected, but they are there. Trying to pin them down may be impossible with readings, after all, they've already left. They get what they need from the pain and suffering, and move on fast. That's a hard thing to catch. So instead of trying to detect them, its better to prevent them. Because of this, things like Guardian Spirits and Servitors become at least as important as Healing, Cleansing, and Manifesting ones. Talismans, and attunements that provide protection become as important for doing better in life as things like wealth, prosperity, and love talismans. After all, just aiming for a goal but not taking into account the difficulties and hurdles getting there is like shooting an arrow into a wind storm. With enough raw force we can still hit the target, but it is superior to also block the wind, to stop the disruptions that are preventing success. I often wonder why I'm so drawn to Guardian spirits, and as time goes on, I think the answer is rather simple. Even if I'm conjuring a spirit more for prosperity, some part of me knows that lesser things will try to get in the way. A little bit of power to protect goes a long way. A powerful advisor who can still take a punch goes from being a little old man giving advice on the street corner, to something more like the Masters in the old Kung Fu movies, who's age hide an inner strength. This is also why the Soul Sword is such a top level recommendation from me to clients, because it ultimately takes a spirit not meant for fighting, and gives them a powerful ability to hold their own against a lot more, meaning when lesser things get in the way they can clear them out, instead of focusing JUST on the goal. This is a power multiplier. So how much protection should one have? For me, my rule is always "a little more" but, with respect also paid heavily to the rest of what I'm doing. If my goal is to heal someone, I may send over healing spirits, set up a powerful altar, utilize healing attunements, and line up talismans of great ability... yet I also go to my generals and warriors, I also call on more spirits to aid me in protecting not only my ally I aid, but myself and those around me. Even if it is just a small negative spirit hovering around drawing in on that suffering, removing it, doubles the work I do to heal. Many times for me as a practitioner that means directing my own powerful will and force of energy to remove the spirit myself, utilizing my talismans or attunements to clear a negative spirit, or things like that. One thing I do say to clients though, don't spend more than what is reasonable to your needs. Going into debt to order hundreds of conjures, talismans, and attunements just means you have new problems to solve, yet ignoring protection is a quick way to learning how big a part of it is out there. So why the seeming shift in view points? It's not so much a shift, its a recognition that in an effort to NOT be like so many other practitioners who fear monger, I've been neglecting discussion on an area so important to my practice, that my old radio program The Labyrinth could have been called "A thousand ways to kick a Spirit's Rear, by Charles McBride." In an effort to ensure I'm not playing on the fear of people I care about, and I do care about my clients probably more than they know, I've avoided a deeper look at this. It is my hope this article expands your views, and makes you appreciate the powerful protection you have, or helps you evaluate what you need as a practitioner. This is for all practitioners be they one who is working magick for their self, or one who works with spirits as a Spirit Keeper or Shaman, or simply one who relies on talismans to aid them. I think even if you don't "practice magick" in a ritual sense, once you start using the metaphysical you are a kind of practitioner, maybe not as deeply invested as myself and others who dedicate our lives to it, but certainly more than the common person on the street who knows nothing of what is happening in the spirit realms beyond!

  • Conjures or Servitors?

    A lot of people have a lot of questions on what is the best option for their home, life, practices, and lifestyle. Many factors go into acquiring or creating a new spiritual companion. This article will attempt to address those factors in a holistic way to help our valued friends, clients, and fans make the best choice for what they need. Conjures and Preconjures For this we are going to first start with Conjures and Preconjures in the comparison as these are the two “most like” so exploring the differences here will be helpful. All of our preconjures come with a seal which can be used to amplify their power, increase their abilities, work with them more clearly, and otherwise act as an aid to their lives in day to day experiences. Preconjures have a major benefit in knowing exactly who you are bringing into your life, what kind of ally they are, their personality traits, powers, abilities, and things of that nature. Likewise preconjures tend to be a little more cost efficient per level of power, so they are a great value. Custom Conjures, or often called just Conjures, differ in only a few ways. The first of these is the most important which is customization. While conjures are always a “best fit” to the request, unless the request is highly specific to the point of ludicrous levels of detail “must have one eye, with another that is that of a celstial” or things like that, we can generally accommodate. Requests like “strong willed, kind, skilled in this area” are all very viable, and many generalists (spirits who focus on general mysticism) are able to do a lot. Specialists, focused in a few small areas, are often more capable in those areas even beyond a power rating. We often list two power ratings, because one takes into account the efficiency in an area. Even when we don't do that, if a spirit is highly focused, you can bet it uses that power as if it was at least a level higher than we listed. That's the nature of specialists, generalists, and the like, and finding the best fit is where custom conjures shine. Servitors That's the end of the apples to apples comparison, as conjures and preconjures are effectively just different applications of the same spiritual methods to find a familiar spirit companion who can aid you in various ways, be it as a powerful ally, or a knowledgeable friend and advisor. The next comparison that needs to be made is between our servitor types. It’s important to know the differences in our servitor types and what they are made to do. The first servitor type is the Convention Class Servitor. Conventional Class Servitors are, by nature, capable of some growth and thought. They aren’t “life, just not as we know it” but complex created beings. They lack the creativity of life, a subconscious, and a true internal willpower or internal thought process. Because of this, even our own CCS aren’t eligible for a Normal Soul Sword and would need to use Soul Force Armor and Weapons or achieve similar capabilities. CCS don’t “think” they simulate thought, and they don’t “live” they simulate life. They are still very personable, but they don’t have free will. The TCS, or Transcendent Class Servitor as its name suggests transcends the concepts of life and servitor. Without getting into the specifics of our process, a TCS is effectively a greeted spirit. The TCS has a subconscious, a full energy body, chakras and other energy systems associated with life, they can feel, love, hate, grow, and change. For this reason TCS and the advancement of the ATS can not be made purely for intimate relationships, as such things require consent, and built in consent isn’t free will. They however are instilled with unfailing loyalty and love for their keeper, so if a relationship develops we don’t dissuade against that. As the TCS can think, improvise, and even have intuition it operates on a very different level from the CCS which can only approximate those things. The CCS can never have a “burst of inspired thought” and make something new, where the TCS could. The TCS should be treat more as a spirit who is created. The TCS and CCS are comparable in one major way despite these differences, and that is the level of power, they both have the same raw level of power available to them per level of working. The ATS or Ascended Transcendent Servitor is our highest level servitor, and probably the highest level working we have in the shop currently. The ATS is on a whole other level of power than the TCS. A level 1 ATS has access to a physical anchor here which provides increased manifestation ability in our realm, and greater levels of power in the planar realms beyond ours. The physical world, our world, makes an amazing anchor, and is often why experienced practitioners can throw mountains in the astral the way we throw baseballs in this plane. Having access to this solid plane gives the ATS a powerful anchor. This massive increase in power is the first major difference between the TCS and the ATS. The second big difference is thanks to this physical anchor, during creation we are able to do more with an ATS. They can have memories, which will be integrated as “their previous life” through the essence rituals, allowing them to have the experiences of a template they are created based on. We can also directly connect them to the universal mystical knowledge available more directly, again thanks to the physical anchor. That all said, the ATS is still more an “upgrade” to the TCS than a fully different thing. They are both still created life, and that have will, consciousness, and even things like ethics and morality of their own based on the design. All Servitors have a “disdain” for hurting humans, in general, but can be given orders to do so anyway. We’re not responsible for the long term ramifications of that. For the ATS and TCS this also means the potential to become resentful, despite the inbuilt loyalty, of being asked to cause harm if they are asked to repeatedly. This disdain does not extend to hurting someone to protect their keeper or themselves, they are more than glad to do that. Likewise, acts of justice generally are well received, but acts of vengeance would be heavily dependent on the mind of the servitor and what it was built to be. The Diverse Comparison This is where we get into the meat and potatoes of Servitors and Conjures. Servitors and Conjures are often more similar than they are different with the TCS and ATS being compared to other life. The CCS is less easy to compare, and its comparison will be less intensive because the differences make comparison less viable. The CCS compared to spirits in general is often within the same price range, or cheaper, than a spirit per level of power. While a CCS can simulate personality, they can’t have deep thoughts, experience things like love in a real way, or have a soul as we think of it. The TCS and ATS servitors however can be compared a bit more directly to spirits. The first big difference we are going to make note of is life experience. A conjure has anywhere from 50 years of experience on the lowest of the low end, to thousands of years or more on the high end. They are vastly old, often older than human understanding, and from that they have experience. Decisions they make come from those experiences. The TCS doesn’t have a real option for that, but the ATS can simulate that with the essence rituals. Still that experience comes free of charge for a conjured spirit, and from a cost to capability evaluation is a major benefit. Often a low level Conjured Familiar Spirit will have hundreds of years of experience. While the ATS can have essence and memories from outside sources culminating in an empowered ability even from a fictional source, and a TCS can have the memories of its template, the Conjured Spirit has real world experience with situations that may have been life or death. In contrast the TCS and ATS come without any baggage you don’t ask to include. Where a conjure may have preferences, needs, wants, or even fears an ATS or TCS can be developed without those things. This is a double edged sword, as sometimes needs and wants lead to better connected experiences, and sometimes fear can help one avoid bad situations, in the same way that wants and needs can get in the way of a good working relationship. The TCS and ATS will both have needs, and develop new ones with time, just based on who they are, but there is a level of control available in that creation process that just isn’t possible with the conjuration process. Conjures also come with unique skills, powers, and abilities we may be unable to predict. A fire elemental may have the ability to manifest emotional healing in a way we couldn’t have expected because they have learned a unique method of fire healing for burning away illness. A Fae may have a unique mutation that allows them to amplify their power around cold iron instead of it hindering them. All manner of possibilities exist, and that unpredictability has some value in it. Many times we don’t know what we need till it comes through, and our conjuration process focuses on HIGH RESONANCE first, meaning our conjures are often very easy to feel and interact with. This high resonance also means unique abilities a client didn’t know they’d want but are there and now a pleasant surprise can show up in the conjure. With any Servitor design, there are no surprises outside of things like attunements that can be done after (or sometimes during) creation. Conjures using a spirit booster talisman blur the line in terms of power to ATS, but that’s an additional cost to be factored in. So a lot of what this then comes down to is a question of predictability vs experience. One of the other comparisons often that gets made is one of price to power for the ATS and Conjures specifically. A Level 1 ATS is somewhere around a level 4 to 6 Spirit, making the initial purchase more costly than a spirit. If you are budget conscious on this, generally speaking, you could get several spirits for the same price to power comparison as a level 1 ATS. At level 3, things begin to favor the ATS by a narrow margin. After level 3, you are looking at purchasing things like the spirit booster talisman, or similar attunements. ATS can be upgraded thanks to the temporal anchor and talisman. This means that economically increasing their overall power over the course of time is a bit cheaper and easier. Another factor in considering the cost to power comparison for those seeking the “most optimum solution through a spiritual companion” comes in the form of the Conjure Level being a “minimum conjure level” not a maximum one. This means a level 12 Conjure Service often provides a level 13 - 15 in power, with 12 begin the minimum acceptable level, and 13 being closer to the average. This skews the cost equation again in the spirit favor at levels of power below 18. We’ve had a lot of people ask about why the scale on servitors and conjured familiars is so different, one of those reasons is the creation of a Level 1 ATS requires a lot of power, which then becomes available to that ATS by default. We’d have to list the base level, in approximation, to a level 5, and then do increments in sets of 5. This would become even more confusing for many/most clients, and would lead to the question of “why don’t you have levels between 5 and 10.” Ultimately, the two processes are so dissimilar that the power scale comparison we list is meant to make choosing between the two easier for the client, not as a direct 1 to 1 comparison, nor as a benchmark setter between the services. One other factor to consider is offerings as well. While all forms of servitor can make use of offerings to help amplify their power with the physical energy, and may enjoy offerings because of the sent, taste, or other such factors in the energy itself, conjured familiar spirits get a great deal more out of this. Part of this is because for a conjured spirit, there is an innate ability to utilize offerings more efficiently as life that has already had to use energy exchange in this way from the moment it was born. It's a small difference in efficiency, maybe only a 5 or 10% difference in this respect, but for a practitioner using complex methods, or for someone who is more willing to spend time in ritual, doing sufficiently powerful rituals yourself could make that small difference a lot bigger in terms of its impact. What is Best For Me? A tremendous amount goes into this one single question, but the core answer is one of purpose. If you are seeking a magickal aid in the form of a companion, but your core focus is raw power, capability, and manifestation the ATS will be a favored go to. If however you are seeking a new ally with skills you may not have known you needed, considerable power, and a unique personality a Custom Conjure is by far a superior option. The TCS and ATS will grow in ways we can not predict, but both begin as you design them. Nothing more, nothing less. The Questions to Ask and the Answers to Have Are you seeking a companion, and interested to add to your keep in a way that you will be surprised, and maybe even find traits you never knew you wanted? You want a Custom Conjure, every time. If you need more raw power, look into our Leader Conjures, Lieutenants, Captains, and Generals. Are you seeking a specific, to the letter, companion that mimics an existing mythology, mythos, fiction, idea, or design? You want a servitor, every time, no questions asked. If you want that companion to have life you want a CCS, TCS, or ATS depending on power requirements, design purpose, and budget limits. Do you need more hands on deck to solve problems? Conjures are likely your best option as the cost to benefit at the lower levels is vastly considerable. With a level 1 Spirit Booster talisman, a level 12 is at or above the level of power of a Level 3 ATS, often at a much lower cost. Do you want absolute, maximum, raw power and ability? You want an ATS maxed out, or even possibly a custom order one with an even higher level of power. Being made WITH the power from the start gives a slight edge over the Spirit Booster Talisman amplified spirits, and with the options for essence and mystical knowledge being able to be built into the ATS, it’s going to be the heavy hitter of the heavy hitters. Are you seeking an ability for yourself? Then Familiar Spirits and Servitors may not be what you are looking for. Instead consider our Attunement or talisman Addon services for custom work or other spell work we have. Are you looking to LEARN an ability yourself, not boost it? I’d almost recommend Conjures over Servitors for this. The reason being is that Conjures had to learn what they do at some point, so will likely be better teachers. That said, a Custom Built Teaching ATS based on Merlin or another such great teacher with the Essence option would have vast access to both the mythological knowledge and whatever the real world Merlin knew. It’s a tossup with the Conjures offering a LOT more at the lower level of price and the ATS being more capable at the higher level.

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  • Vacation | RosequartzLabyrinth

    VACATION TIME IS HERE SAVE AN ADDITIONAL 10% Off One Order using code birthdaybash ​ ​ RQL won't be fulfilling any orders for the next week. That means I won't be answering e-mails, doing consultations or readings, or otherwise engaging in any work related activities from Today, 6/14 till Monday 6/24. This is one of two vacations I'm taking over the next two months, with a second likely smaller one in late July. For those ordering preconjures, we'll begin fulfilling orders again on Monday, 6/24/2024. There will be lots of orders ahead of those that are placed during this week so we ask clients to be patient. Want your preconjure faster? Grab the images, description, and other information from the site and send us an e-mail at letting us know you got all the information. Doing that shaves time off an order and we can send them out with our linking methods much faster.

  • RosequartzLabyrinth - Magick, Mysticism, Conjuration, Tarot Readings, and More!

    Welcome to The Rosequartz Labyrinth Bringing you quality mystical services and products since 2016! Need help with your mundane life? We've got spell work and talismans that can help with that! Let us do some of the heavy lifting for your metaphysical needs. Spiritual Allies and Aid Conjured for you! Living Servitors made specifically for you! The place to get the extra metaphysical muscle to get things done! Need some mystical advice? Divination? Help with your metaphysical training? We have you covered, Charles can help you improve your life situation or your mystical might. ​ Our Terminology Terminology in mysticism is anything but universal. With thousands of systems of magick in existence, countless traditions of Shamanism, Witchcraft, and Occult practice it's easy for terminology to be confusing from one practice to another. We therefore provide a terminology section for our valued clients to make navigating our amazing and astounding services easier to understand. Terminology Quality Magick and Mysticism With a combined total of over 40 years of experience in the mystical arts our team has a wide array of knowledge and special skills to help you overcome your problems. We are practitioners of magick, divination, energy work, and generalized mysticism who have a passion for helping others grow, better their lives, and get the results they are looking for. We provide tarot and rune readings, spells to aid your life, mystical tools, and conjuration services. Something you need but don't see? Contact us, we do custom order ritual, conjuration, and other services via invoicing. Florida Residents Notice: Florida state and county taxes are required to be collected at the time of purchase as we are located in Florida. As Florida state and county taxes are separate entities all orders of physical goods to be shipped TO the state of Florida must be done by PayPal invoice separate from our ordering system. If you order within the state of Florida we will refund your payment and contact you to invoice the appropriate amount for your order with taxes included. If ordering from the state of Florida to avoid this confusion please contact us through our contact form for a PayPal invoice with included sales tax on ALL PHYSICAL GOODS. If we are not shipping a product to you then no physical sales tax is necessary to be accounted for and this does not apply.

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