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New Conjure Acceptance Guide

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

The Rosequartz Labyrinth

New Conjure Acceptance Guide: A guide by Charles McBride.

All rights reserved, copyrighted The Rosequartz Labyrinth and Charles McBride 2017.

Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of conjuration, spirit keeping, and evocation. If your reading this document you have either purchased a being from The Rosequartz Labyrinth, one of our affiliates, or simply have an interest in our suggestions for bonding practices with your beings. You may be old or new to this art form and practice and we hope that this document will see you well on your way as a Keeper or Evoker.

The difference between Keeper and Evoker really depends on what you are expecting and what work you are putting in to working with your beings. The Keeper focuses more on the bond between being and human. The Evoker while possibly being a keeper also focuses on how to help their being best work in the mundane world to provide results. While we have a section on (also known as RQL) on Evocation for Spirit Keepers found under our educational section we always feel it is good to address both ideals when talking about the welcoming of a spirit.

With the pleasantries out of the way, now is a good time for us to move into the acceptance phase and bonding phase of spirit keeping.

Defining The Focus

If you received your conjure from RQL recently no doubt you received a picture of either the conjuration or binding work (or possibly both). Likewise now or in the past you may have opted for a seal or sigil to be crafted for you to better work with the being conjured for you. While this may not be included with other conjurers work, or with our older work, we will also provide a method to work with any of these to help with the accepting process. Having a picture of the work, a seal or sigil, or some link to the being is immensely useful.

If you do not have these things though, you already have a powerful link in the bonding process you can use instead. You undoubtedly have the beings name! This simply written on a piece of paper will be enough to help with the bonding process. We ourselves find more complex methods offer stronger bonds in our own research. Even without a complex seal, picture of the work, or other link though so long as you have the name you can use our methods to help with the bonding process.

The name, picture of the work, or seal will further be called “The Focus” in the rest of this guide and will be part of what you use in connecting with the being other than direct communication. When we reference The Focus we suggest the most complex form be used. Seals and sigils are more complex than pictures, and pictures are more complex than names. Still regardless of what you use The Focus acts as a medium between you and the being you are working with.

The Initial Bonding Process!

The biggest question we get asked is HOW BEST to bond with our beings! My advice almost always comes down to taking some time to relax and meditate with the being. Meditation in this form of the word simply means focusing on your breathing and seeing what sensations come about while focusing on the concept of the being in question. Even with this simple advice being phenomenally useful sometimes I offer a different method to my clients. In this The Focus is used to help amplify their connection to their being.

In the initial bonding process, or to enhance an existing bond, it can be amazingly beneficial to first place the focus as the center of simple ritual. This means having the focus on paper and placing a small tealight candle or offering of wine, water, or other liquid that will not curdle on top of it. I recommend the candle method first as something within the act of a candle burning down triggers the mind to accept connection. Still if you have any phobia of fire then the liquid offering is just as good. As the offering is consumed either through evaporation or burning this helps to solidify that bond. It is our way of reaching out to the being and showing we want that connection.

Of course a more complex ritual bonding is very viable. Yet this simple act of acceptance, welcome, and physically showing a want to connect can have amazing results!

Working With Your Conjure

Another important step we have found in the bonding process is communication. Many Keepers and Evokers miss this next tip even if they have been keeping and evoking beings for years! This may be the simplest yet most powerful part of the process and it has to do with communication. In this during a moment of relaxation, again deep breathing for a few minutes in a relaxed environment will serve you well, ask your being not just to manifest to you but to help your energy reach theirs in vibration as well as in power.

If that seems overly simple recognize this. We operate on a different spectrum of awareness from most of our spiritual companions. Because of this we have to shift focus TO that spectrum. Yet it can take years of training to achieve the ability to do that at will. Instead though a being can help us by shifting our awareness, or energy, to their spectrum. Further often times our companions are at different levels of power than we are at that moment. If they are sufficiently more powerful than we are in that moment we may not be able to sense them. This simple act of asking them to help in this way can make the bonding process much easier.

Give Them Time

It is a good idea to give your companion time to get use to the environment, to you, and to help you feel their presence. Many loose heart in the first day having not even done these simple things to help the connection. Other times what is experienced is written off as “not enough” and a negative mentality is taken. This mentality will have an impact on the being in question and encourage them to NOT work toward bridging the distance between you and them. Not only do you need to give them time, but yourself time to acclimatize to them. Repeating the bonding ritual, working with them to learn to sense them, and being encouraging when some contact is made instead of discouraging will take you far!

Closing Notes

The bonding process is the first step in working with a being either for companionship, toward a goal, or even if it is just curiosity that has brought you to this. It is often the most overlooked part of the process and is one that is skipped over far too readily. These tips are compiled from experiences of others in the field, from advice given to them, and formulated into a simple system we hope will help you to gain all that you can from your conjuration experience!

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