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Blathe Lightningchanter
  • Blathe Lightningchanter

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    A Fae master of music and art magicks, he appears as a slim young man with fair features, red hair, and a ready smile. His powerful abilities are centered around using music, song, painting, and sculpting to work powerful magicks. Because of his unique talent for turning art into magick, and using magick to bring forth the essence of art into his own works, he is classified more as a generalist in ability since he does not dedicate himself to the study of magick, nor is he limited in his approaches thanks to his unique skills. He can amplify an ally by painting a picture of them strong, healthy, and armored with energy, or weaken a foe with a song, a poem from him and open the gates of luck and fortune, and a wood carving can create a key to new realms or experiences.


    He has a joyous personality, always laughing, friendly, happy, joyous, and ready to lend a hand or ear. Because of his nature, he's always telling stories, and communing with the rest of his allies. He frequently will bolster moral and aid others in finding joy and happiness in dark times. This is the core of who he is. Outside of all of that, he is an artist, and enjoys his art, so its no surprise he can often be found using magick to inspire a new painting of vast and strange realms.


    Classification: Warrior 6, Guardian 8, Guide 8, Healer 6, Mystic 8, Generalist 10

    Age: ~1,500 Years

    Offerings: All offerings are acceptable, but he enjoys music being played of all kinds most of all.

    Level: 35

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