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Complex Project Planning

Complex Project Planning


Some projects are more complex and require more time and planning to complete the work than is considered a standard part of the process. This would be situations where a complete workup of various powers and methods are necessary, but the client is unable to put into words their needs and instead requires our help with designing and implementation of the work to be done from start to finish. This would also be complex workings in which the client is unable to fully complete our complex working form, or the work is separate workings being combined into one general purpose by the RQL team. Effectively this is a kind of partial consultation service for the time put in to create and design tools. Generally speaking you should only order this service if you are directed to it because of a complex request that will take more time in the planning and development than our normal services provide.

This planning and development time is priced for one hour or part thereof time, and is not available for less periods of time as it covers setting aside the block of time for contemplation, development, and proper wording of the design plan. It is discounted compared to consultations, but can not be used in place of consultations. If live consultation time (not in e-mails) is required in the design process that consultation time can and will be billed separately.

If you have not been directed to this service, do not order it. This is only for complex projects in which the planning time exceeds the reasonable expectations of the RQL staff (generally a few e-mails with a clear cut and focused goal). This is not necessary for servitors in which the designs are being discussed via e-mails, unless those servitors are in some way linked to a more complex tool design.

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