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Agamemnon Flowerfoil
  • Agamemnon Flowerfoil

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    A part Elven part Celestial warrior healer, he has short blond hair, and focuses on a powerful offensive healing art form. He can charge any weapon, or even his bare hands, and the damage he does to a foe he can absorb as a kind of life force energy and then heal allies. While healing with a touch is his most powerful option, and he is even more formidable when paired with other powerful front line allies, he can also fire off healing spells, bursts, and areas with his magick at a slightly reduced rate (meaning a little less healing than the damage he just did). In contrast, if he is the focus of another healer, he can absorb that healing energy and funnel it into even more powerful attacks, and again absorb that damage for even MORE powerful healing, allowing him to work in a team to amazing ability. He often wields a short sword, daggers, spear, or even knuckle bracers.


    Personality wise, he is very focused. He has the demeanor of a Shaolin Monk in some ways, intense, focused, but calm, wise, and compassionate all at once. He enjoys all manner of art and music, but mostly enjoys being within a group where he feels valued and able to help. When not acting as a warrior healer, he spends a lot of time helping others find their path and way, and is a capable guide.


    Classification: Warrior 10, Guardian 7, Guide 8, Healer 10, Mystic 3, Generalist 5

    Age: ~1,000 Years

    Offerings: All are acceptable to him.

    Level: 29

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