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Custom Ritual Creation

Custom Ritual Creation


Sometimes what you need is a new, unique, complex ritual suited to your skills. This service is what you are looking for. We begin with you sending us an e-mail after purchase of the service going over the following areas.


  • Purpose of the Ritual
  • Your Religions and Spiritual views and faith (Maximum one page please).
  • Your Experience with Ritual magick, and doing rituals. (Maximum one page please).
  • Any other mystical practices you have, especially if you wish to incorporate them such as attunements, mantras, or specialized tools (Maximum one page please, if more than one page, focus on the most impactful ones you'd wish to utilize)
  • What things, Gods, Goddesses, Spirits, Beings, Ancestors, or other forces you are, and/or are not willing to work with.
  • What tools you have on hand for ritual, and what level of investment in tools you would be willing to make with the ritual working.
  • The Working Area you have to work in, and how much area you can devote to a single altar. This need only be an estimate, such as "I have a whole room I can do a ritual in, but I could only keep a single altar about the size of a shoe box after" or "I don't have much room for the ritual, so I can't place seals on the floor, but I can keep an altar as wide as a full size dresser on my dresser top."
  • Any other pertinent information on the situation, purpose of the ritual, or things we should know such as not being able to use incenses, having a fear of sharp objects or fire, or things like this.

Depending on the information provided, we may be able to begin work on your custom ritual, or we may need more information or to discuss further.

We will provide a 1 to 2 page ritual for you, with instructions, key phrases, and some background information on those phrases, how we constructed them, and why we choose what we do. This full document will be 1 to 2 pages of ritual, and 1 to 2 pages of explanation. There may be herbs, incenses, or special tools you need to procure for the ritual, but they will most often be within reason. If you restrict the tool set to a list of tools and resources on hand we will do our best to accomodate, but you may still need special incenses,  candles, something to draw on, or things that of that nature depending on the list. We do our best to conform a ritual within a tool set, but very restricted tool sets may result in ritual that is more mantra, or visualizatoin focused and less classice ritual.

Custom Ritual Services may include one or more custom seals, bind runes, or sigils of some form at our discretion, or may use classic sigils or seals, depending on what we feel would be the best fit.

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